In an interview with Rock Sound, Sam Carter and Dan Searle of Architects confirmed that they are working on a new album with writing beginning after their last tour run. This will be the first record they have released since All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, which is an absolutely phenomenal record. After Tom’s passing, it was unsure as to whether or not Architects would make more music, and respectfully and rightfully so. Regardless of their decision, Tom left us all with seven profound records from 2006-2016. It’s hard to follow all of these releases, especially All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, but Architects are set on continuing to better themselves as a band.

Dan told Rock Sound,

The circumstances are unique and the attitude should be seeing as we have lost Tom is to make something half decent. We want to keep getting better but the odds are stacked against us. It almost sounds arrogant or deluded for me to say that we want to keep getting better but that is our ultimate goal.

The news came today that Dan Searle and touring guitarist/vocalist Josh Middleton (Sylosis) have been working on the new record together with Ali Dean also writing.

Sam commented,

It’s going really well. I mean when we finished the last tour it was kind of like we knew that was when the writing was really going to start taking shape. Dan and Josh have been writing. Ali has been writing. It has been a lot of work but it seems to be flowing very naturally. It’s been fun and it’s almost like we have too much stuff ya know? Sort of like now we’re gonna sort of trim it back and work on each song individually that we have now and start demoing vocals. It’s really coming together.

Architects are one of the most important bands of our generation, so we can’t wait to see what they come up with. With their love of Tom in mind and their intention of bettering themselves as a band, we’ll sure this record will be just as amazing as we’ve come to expect.