New music is hard to come by, especially when you have a hard-set list of bands you like. But, there are tons of bands out there waiting to be discovered and who knows, they could end up becoming your favorite band. Hopefully after reading and listening with an open mind, these bands will help expand your music horizons and introduce you to a whole new world of music.

Moose Blood


Moose Blood is somehow a recent discovery of mine and I don’t know how I let them slip through the cracks. They are UK natives and are currently under the record label, No Sleep Records, which has housed some other well-known bands such as Balance and Composure, Major League, Hundredth, Touche Amore, Such Gold, and Manchester Orchestra. They have this sort of Brand New feel with their background signing and occasional chanting. Then they have some songs that have more of  a Touche Amore feel with short-burst yelling that really cuts through vocally and emotionally. But though they have elements of these bands, they are entirely their own band and have their own sound. They’ve been described as alternative, post-hardcore, pop punk, emo, but really they are all of those genres mixed into one and where you’d believe it’d make a confused, ill-conceived sound, it rather creates this beautiful combination that has an uncanny ability to really make you feel. The first song that really got me into them is “Gum” off their latest album I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time which can be heard below.

City and Colour


City and Colour is an artist I have adored for years, but you may still not know about him. I added Dallas Green to this list because he just recently came out with a new album If I Should Go Before You and it is a musical masterpiece. He incorporates blues elements into his music (mainly through guitar) but at the same time has this melodic acoustic, singer-songwriter sound. Essentially he incorporates all of the genres that make you feel. His vocal approach is also refreshing and will send a rush of calm over you.  Though Green has had rotating musicians in the past that have accompanied him throughout his career, City and Colour is a one man band, but what is truly remarkable is that he makes you feel like you are listening to an entire band. Hear his song off his latest album If I Should Go Before You below.

The Swellers


The Swellers, an American Punk band that like Moose Blood is part of the label No Sleep Records, are no longer together but their albums were and are still HIGHLY underrated. Their music is especially perfect for this time of year due to their angry, solemn undertones. So if you’re mad at someone, down in the dumps, or really need to rally their music has something for you. Their last release The Light Under Closed Doors is an album that I consider to be one of the most cohesive, well-written albums to date. It will get you really excited for their music but be forewarned, they are no longer a band but who knows with all the bands getting back recently this could be subject to change. That’s how awesome they are, they are no longer a band and I still believe in what they do. I’m going to stay positive they will eventually reunite, but for now at least we have awesome tunes like, “Got Social” to listen to below.

If you have never heard of these bands before, let us know what you think. If you’ve been a long-time fan, show your love for them in the comments below.