When bands are just starting out, you can usually tell that they are just beginning to figure out who they are. But, recently, it seems that bands who are just now getting started are becoming more calculated and less impulsive. Instead of coming out with an album that shows just who they are years down the road, they are showing us who they are right out of the gate, making now a very exciting time to be a fiend of the various branches of metal. Here are four bands you need to keep an eye on.

Silent Planet

Silent PlanetYou’ve seen us rant and rave about Silent Planet over and over again. Lately, “newer” bands that are coming out with promising records are hailing from Australia and the United Kingdom. Finally, we have one on American soil who’s not only making killer records, but is making music with substance. In a genre that’s stocked full of “woe is me” tales that are all too typical, it’s extremely refreshing that Silent Planet crawls out of their own skin to step in others shoes and tell the stories of their friends and fellow human beings around the world. We have the choice to choose music with value and investing in Silent Planet is one sure way to ensure a future of metalcore that isn’t an empty void, but rather a living, breathing genre that’s bursting with life. Check out their recent release, Everything Was Sound, which emphasizes the importance of empathy while at the same time making you feel like you are living during the era of Underoath again. Yeah, that’s how profound they are.

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Night Verses

Night VersesThe fact that letlive. endorses these guys says a lot, but their music speaks louder than any amount of words or praise. They are hypnotic, immersive, and original; Three words that come around every now and then, but seem to be elusive of the genre these days. How do you define something that’s so experimental? It’s so different that you’ll feel like you are part of something bigger than this world. As I said, words can attest to the powerfulness of their music ever so slightly, but once your a part of it, you’ll experience a mental clarity like no other. Once Night Verses music dances into the atmosphere around you,  you’ll be pulled into their trance and you’ll never come back out of it again. Grab their release, Into The Vanishing Light, and delve into this “Stranger Things-esque” record.

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The Brave

The BraveAussies, The Brave, are like the perfect mixture between Parkway Drive and Architects, but they’re in a realm of their own entirely. With their catchy and impactful tunes, The Brave are transcending above a genre of pointless, mindless efforts. Lyrical dead zones are popping up everywhere in metalcore, but The Brave are combatting this with songs that are poetic and meaningful. They touch on issues around the world and have a very strong intention of moving those who listen to their music. They’re a band that is dead set on making a mark on history with their latest record, Epoch, that’s introspective while at the same time externally focused on the world and others around them. Make sure to pick up Epoch, which is the epitome of heavy music with a purpose.

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Hellions have a sound that has one foot rooted in punk, with the other planted firmly in metal. There tracks, like “Quality of Life” are something between a super anthem and a mosh party. It’s a juxtaposition that features major sing-alongs with head-banging worthy beats. They’ve been endorsed by bands, like Northlane, who are fellow Aussies and metalcore powerhouses. It’s an album that makes Blink-182’s California bow its head in shame this year, and yeah I know, I probably just blacklisted myself by saying that, but it’s my humble opinion and I stand by it. They are fun, but not to the point that you’ll stop taking them seriously. Make sure to pick up their 2016 release, Opera Oblivia, that’s comparable to a more punk, more traditionally metal version of While She Sleeps.

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What do you think of our recommendations? Share your opinions and thoughts with us in the comments. Think someone else should be added to the list? Let us know!