A little while back, Every Time I Die updated us on their upcoming 2016 album release by letting us know that the writing process was going so well we could expect to have a super album. Today, they sent out an update to let us know that they are currently in the studio recording.

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It seems like the high productiveness level Every Time I Die had during the writing process, is carrying on to the recording stage. We may have another Every Time I Die record sooner than we thought. I, for one, can’t wait to hear what magical madness they’ve come up with this go around.

UPDATE 3/14:

Keith Buckley recently commented on the album saying,

“You would think that by now the studio process is pretty familiar to us, but in just the first week Will has taught us things about ourselves that make it feel as if we’ve never even stepped foot in one. He has stripped our music down to the bolts and laid everything out on display and only now that we’re able to see how each part functions can we fix it, shine it and put it back together into a machine that runs better than it ever has. This album will be our 1974 Ford Falcon XB Interceptor. Get the fuck out of the way.”

What do you hope to hear in the new record? Let us know in the comments.