North Carolina hard rockers, He Is Legend, have been performing and writing albums since 2003. That means we’ve had around 10 years of their glorious mayhem with four full-length albums and 2 EP’s. Despite how long He Is Legend have been in the business, they’re still quite underrated for how talented they are. As a result, I’ve had a bone to pick with the music world for quite some time for not giving them they appreciation they deserve. But, I’m going to prevent myself from sounding like a broken record, and drop that for now. I’m here to talk about how awesome they are, not how criminally unknown they are. In the end, He Is Legend, no matter how under-appreciated they may be, still continue to press on and produce some of the most meticulously-made and madly interesting albums to date. Why? Because they are passionate about what they do.

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One aspect of He Is Legend’s music that sets them apart from the pack is their ability to tell a story. Many albums, though attempt to tell a cohesive story or have a general theme, find themselves confused or lacking in terms of concept. He Is Legend, however, make sure that their overarching message doesn’t get lost over the course of the album. It’s especially commendable given the amount of brutality and heaviness that can be heard within their tunes. A lot of the time hardcore and metal bands focus only on the music, leaving a lack of regard for the lyrics of the album. But, for people like me, who appreciate bands for not only the songs they make, but also the songs they write, He Is Legend are a refreshing listen.

In addition, He Is Legend play with their sound, but continue to keep rocking on with their slightly melodic yet hard tunes that you can’t help but both dance and mosh to. It can be confusing off first listen as your pulled between a gentle sway and an intense breakdown, but something about it just feels so right. It’s almost symbolic of the highs and lows of daily life. Schuylar Croom’s vocals find themselves sporting a gambit of approaches, from deep, gritty growls to smooth, artful melodies. His wide range goes perfectly with the band’s highly versatile music, which plays from all ends of the spectrum, including soft and slow to heavy and full-throttle, or all of the above. The one thing I can’t stand is when a band is satisfied with being stagnant, pumping out catchy yet cookie cutter tunes. Though they may make money and raise notoriety, it’s not nearly as satisfying as making music that is bound to do nothing but keep your fans on the edge of their seats, always wondering what crazy tricks you are going to pull out of your sleeves next; This is how He Is Legend makes me feel every time they release a new album. Sometimes you may think, “What were these crazy mofos thinking?”, but that madness is nothing but methodical and in the end, it is what truly sets them apart from those who are too afraid to break free of the mold.

If you’ve ever seen He Is Legend live, you know that you are in for a treat. And, you also know that frontman, Schuylar Croom, has some wild dance moves. It’s clear that he has no plan whatsoever as to what he is going to do on stage, but it always ends up being so fluid and natural. He’d probably chalk it up to luck, but I believe that he’s a natural-born performer. He’s also full of wisecracks, which keeps you not only entertained during their songs, but also in any downtime that may exist within their set. The rest of the band are full of energy and it’s clear from the look on their faces that they love doing what they do. In terms of sound quality, they are one of the best. Though they sometimes play in little, hole-in-the-wall venues, they always make the best out of what they are given. If you have heart and the chops, it doesn’t matter where you play; He Is Legend are proof of that.

He Is Legend have slaved away over the course of the years with tour after tour and album after album. I said I wasn’t going to say it again, but I can’t help it, He Is Legend should be MUCH bigger than they are. I’m much too passionate about this band and believe it’s nearly criminal that they are underrated. If you weren’t convinced before you read this post, I hope you are now. Though they a great band full of great guys, the most commendable quality about the band is the fact that they continue on for reasons other than recognition. Rather, they keep playing and writing albums because they have a passion for music that can’t be extinguished. Their harmonious mayhem is something your ears have desperately been craving and once you give in, they’ll never want you to stop listening. Trust me, I’ve never forgotten the first time I heard He Is Legend (Freshman year of high school, I Am Hollywood) and neither will you.

Stay tuned for He Is Legend’s next album release that is set to come out sometime this year! They are no longer confined within a label and have full creative control, so prepare for something you’ve never quite heard from them before. If you love He Is Legend as much all of us at Currently Streaming do, share you love for them below. If you’ve just listened to them for the first time upon our recommendation, let us know what you think.