Sebastian Quintero used to drum in a band, but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Where some would shut down and stop making music due to this, others have such a huge passion for it that the creative soul never stops knocking. Sebastian is one of those people. After many ups and downs, Sebastian decided to start The Mayfair. Though he is the sole member of the band, he isn’t alone in his journey as a musician. For his first full-length record, he recruited the guidance of Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, The Almost) and Andrew Goldring (Sound engineer, musician) who gladly obliged to help bring his album, Glass House, to fruition. They shacked up in a nice home-studio and in ten short days, the album was completed. His story is genuine and that can be felt both in his words and the delicately fragile, Glass House.

Sebastian has been a musician for as long as he can remember and if he couldn’t remember, his family would remind him. He commented on why music has always been a part of his life, he said, “It’s just the only thing in the world that makes sense to me. My father is a musician, so I grew up around music. As a baby I’d always hit things with chopsticks, so for my second birthday he bought me a drum set. Never looked back. I struggled a lot in school. I could never focus, because I’d just have my favorite songs playing in my head and I’d spend all day trying to dissect them. My dad always told me that the creative mind never sleeps. Its not a switch that you can turn on and off. So instead of trying to fight it, I decided to immerse myself in it. Music is home for me.” As he grew older, his love for music continued to thrive and later he joined a hardcore band.

About Sebastian

Bands depend on a lot to survive let alone become successful, especially given what is demanded of them. They require a strong bond between members, compromise, and civility. Somewhere along the line, the hardcore band that Sebastian was a part of decided to go separate ways. Though going solo can be difficult, Sebastian feels that it has many rewards. He commented, “I think overall, the solo thing is the easier of the two, for me anyways. Although it certainly does have its own challenges. Say you’re stuck on a part, the song isn’t moving forward until you come up with something. And that can be a couple hours, days, weeks, months. There is no outsider mind to offer suggestion. I suppose thats what was so great about working with a producer this time around. However, when its finally finished and you’re sitting there hearing it all back, thats gotta be the best feeling in the world. Because thats all you, you know? Its a really special thing.” Despite all the hardships that may come with working on your own, Sebastian proves that it is an extremely rewarding process that has many benefits.

After making the decision to go solo, he started planning his own career. Recently he made a big step with the release of his first full-length album, Glass House, that was produced by Aaron Gillespie and engineered by Andrew Goldring. The overall concept, feel, and drive behind the album, however, was all conceived by Sebastian who had experienced some emotional times previous to writing it. He recalled back to those moments of his life and stated, “Glass House was written at a very unsure time in my life. I was no longer a member of the old band I was touring in, I was still learning how to cope with the loss of a very special relationship, certain friendships I had were dissolving. Everything I knew, was no longer. It seemed as though I was living in a glass house. I had a clean canvas. I saw so much opportunity to start over and make something great armed with a new perspective on life. But, I was afraid to move. I felt that any attempt I made to get up and start a new chapter would cause everything to shatter.” A lot of the time we go through things that are rough and hard to get through, but music has the ability to heal. In a sense, it’s therapy. Sebastian, much like many individuals, used his emotional experiences to write his album and as a result has introduced something that’s very pure and honest to the world.fc6ef8f1-c3a2-4f77-856d-af958157300bSebastian Quintero originally, as stated prior, started out in a band and he learned the dynamics that go along with being in one. He decided it would be best to make his own path and started The Mayfair. Much like Quintero, Aaron Gillespie knows a lot about band dynamics and knows something about adapting to longer being part of one after he left Underoath. Sebastian commented on some advice that was given to him by Gillespie, he said, “I remember Aaron expressing how important it is to find musicians who could play these parts the way they’re meant to be played. Not only musicians, but people who you can get along with on the road. A bond is crucial; Thats something I learned not only through him but by previous experience.” Learning of artist’s experiences can help others with their career, but it is mainly Sebastian’s experiences that helped shape him into the musician he is today and ultimately lead him down his own path. This path eventually lead him to Salt Lake City where he met with Gillespie and Goldring to make his album.

been hard at work in the studio with Aaron Gillespie and Andrew Goldring

Posted by The Mayfair on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Completing an album isn’t easy to achieve within a year let alone 10 days. Quintero walked into the studio with song “skeletons,” but Goldring and Gillespie helped polish them into his final vision. While thinking back to the making of the Glass House, he said, “The process of making this record was kind of cool because I didn’t walk in there with 7 completed, well thought out songs. What I brought to the studio were about 7 vague ideas. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to sound like, and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to sing about. Day 1, I sat on a couch with a guitar and Aaron sat in front of me with a pen and paper. I played and sang for him everything I had, and he shaped my ideas into coherent thoughts and sounds. Thinking of what I brought to the studio, to where Aaron took my ideas, to listening to final masters, its still hard to take it all in. This record is something I’m so proud of. By far the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. Its exactly what I need to be doing right now.”  In the end, Glass House, was created with the vision and creative property of one man, but also the input and guidance of another two seasoned musicians. The product was an album that is both poetic and visceral.

Sebastian Quintero of The Mayfair is a rarity in a music world where honesty and sincerity are becoming scarce, but everyday hope is given as more artists like him rise to the occasion of making music for the passion of it rather than the notoriety. And, he’s proof that though it may not be an easy road, you just have to keep pushing. He said, “Keep moving forward. Life is a roller coaster. Its crazy and unpredictable but its beautiful. Its going to test you and its going to knock you down a million times, and thats okay. Its okay to feel lost. Its okay to not have it all figured out. I don’t believe anyone really does. I love the saying “there is beauty in the breakdown.” Sometimes you’ve got to loose it all in order to clear your view and have a better look on things.”

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