Happy Friday and album release day! This week we are streaming releases from GlassjawThe FacelessIntervals, and more. Discover new music, and read up on what we had to say about our favorite new records of the day.

Glassjaw – Material Control

Glassjaw - Material Control Album Artwork15 years in the waiting, and new Glassjaw is finally here. Not only does Material Control see them coming back in a big way, but it also showcases more of Glassjaw’s melodic side. Though this record is not as outwardly aggressive as their previous discography, it still maintains that frenetic energy we’ve come to expect from them. As the record unfolds, it flows from track to track flawlessly. The parts that are really phenomenal, however, are those that feature a strong bass presence, particularly heard in songs like “pompeii.” The bass is just so filthy, and you can’t help but take notice. Stocked full of distortion, fuzzy riffs, and emotive vocals, Glassjaw have continued to foster the spirit of their music, while showcasing it in a slightly different tone. Side note: This one is a grower, so if you aren’t quite sure how you feel about it at first, make sure you give it a few listens! Though I wish it took it just a step further in the intensity department, Material Control was definitely worth the wait.

Essential Tracks: “new white extremity,” “shira,” “pompeii,” “my conscience weighs a ton”

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The Faceless – In Becoming a Ghost

The Faceless - In Becoming a Ghost Album ArtworkWith five years passing without a new release, The Faceless know something about becoming a ghost. Today, they are making their return with their brand new record, In Becoming a Ghost, to further assert why they are one of technical death metal’s best. This time around, they’ve entered more progressive, and even black metal, realms with their sound, making it one of their most expansive yet. Opening with a dark and eerie intro and title-track, The Faceless foretell of more sinister things to come. As the album unfolds, you not only get a strong display of skill throughout, but it also shows them experimenting more than ever. Sure, it’s not their best to ever hit the shelves, but it’s still one of the most solid and intense releases to come out this year. Check out In Becoming a Ghost below!

Essential Tracks: “Digging The Grave,” “Black Star,” “The Spiraling Void”

Stream The Faceless’ In Becoming a Ghost

Intervals – The Way Forward

Intervals - The Way Forward Album ArtworkThough I don’t listen to instrumental music on a daily basis, I have a strong appreciation for it and the skill it takes to do it right. At the top of the game is Intervals, the canvas upon which guitarist Aaron Marshall paints his colorful soundscape. His latest record is titled The Way Forward, and as it would suggest, this seems to be the new way forward for Intervals. But, is it the right way forward? I personally prefer his heavier, darker outings, like AVW // INSTRUMENTAL, but there is something to be said about his more playful, fun approach on records like this one. Still technical as ever, Intervals has released another mind-boggling release that will have guitarists itching to learn every note. Though it’s not the most bonkers record he’s made in terms of creativity, its strong emphasis on melody and tone makes it a musical adventure your ears don’t want to miss.

Essential Tracks: “Impulsively Responsible,” “Rubicon Artist,” “Leave No Stone”

Stream Intervals’ The Way Forward

Other notable mentions and great releases of the day: The Dear Hunter’s All Is As All Should Be and Morbid Angel’s Kingdoms Disdained

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