Happy Friday and album release day! This week we are streaming releases from Ghost Atlas, Cryptodira, and more. Discover new music, and read up on what we had to say about our favorite new records of the day.

Ghost Atlas – All Is in Sync, And There’s Nothing Left to Sing About

Ghost Atlas - All Is in Sync, and There's Nothing Left To Sing About 300x300You may know Jesse Cash as the guitarist and vocalist for ERRA, but he’s also the mind and soul behind Ghost Atlas–his alt-rock infused and self-funded side project. With two EP’s, Gold Soul Coma and Immortal Youth, already released, he’s continuing to impress with All Is in Sync, And There’s Nothing Left to Sing About, which focuses brilliantly on melody and mood. In songs like “Legs,” “Little Shell,” and “Badlands,” Cash’s dynamic vocals and song-writing abilities shine, while featuring a perfect balance between grit and vulnerability. With this record, all is in sync from the song structures to the lyricism. There may be nothing left to sing about, but with outings like these, I can’t help but long for more. Be sure you check it out now below!

Essential Tracks: “Cry Wolf,” “Legs,” “Badlands,” “Fox Rain,” “Little Shell”

Stream Ghost Atlas’ All Is in Sync, And There’s Nothing Left to Sing About

Cryptodira – The Devil’s Despair

Cryptodira - The Devil's Despair 300x300Cryptodira has released The Devil’s Despair, which features a pretty flawless blend of progressive metal and tech death. In the likes of early Between the Buried and Me, they have created something that though influenced, doesn’t come across as just another replication. Regardless of its finesse, The Devil’s Despair still maintains a powerful and relentless presence throughout. With ingenuity and dynamic structures that break throughout moments of intense instrumentation and periods of tranquility, Cryptodira’s new record showcases every layer of their diverse and captivating sound.

Essential Tracks: “Constitued: I. Constitutum,” “Medusa Misgendered,” “Negation Consumes Itself,” “The Fascist’s Phantasy”

Stream Cryptodira’s The Devil’s Despair

Other notable mentions and great releases of the day: Electric Wizard’s Wizard Bloody Wizard, Fister & CHRCH’s Fister & CHRCH

To find out what’s coming up next, check out our updated album release calendar here. What are your favorite new releases of the day? Comment and let us know!