Happy Friday and album release day! This week we are streaming releases from The Used, EndurMendel, and more. Discover new music, and read up on what we had to say about our favorite new records of the day.

The Used – The Canyon

The Used - The CanyonThe Used has released their 17-track monster of an album, The Canyon. As one of their longest works of art, their latest delves into even more personal territory than ever before, making it one of their most introspective, therapeutic, and emotive to date. Layering different levels of mood and sound, The Canyon is a sonically impressive as well as lyrically touching record that you can’t help but be affected by. With poppier hits like, “Over And Over Again,” and more stripped-down, emotionally raw tracks, like “For You,” every evolution of The Used is celebrated. While one of its biggest successes is its dynamism, its beauty is far deeper as it explores the theme of loss. The Used’s The Canyon is a release you’ll want to listen to over and over again, but most importantly, it will powerfully move you. It’s hard to find records as real as this one, and for that reason it’s something you’ll hear as much as you’ll feel by its end.

Essential Tracks: “Over And Over Again,” “Upper Falls,” “For You,” “Cold War Telescreen”

Stream The Used’s “Over And Over Again”

Endur – American Parasite

Endur - American ParasiteEndur may be a band your just now hearing of, but you’ve most likely heard of its creator, Spencer Sotelo (Periphery). With his amazing ability to create flawless harmonies and melodies, Endur’s newest release, American Parasite, excites with its well-produced, industrial-tinged sound. Vocally, we hear Spencer go places we’ve never heard him go before in tracks like “Astral.” With a mind and talent like this, the possibilities are endless, and Endur seizes them all with their debut outing. Electrifying and electronically driven, American Parasite will have you possessed with infectious songs like, “All of them Witches” and its title-track, “American Parasite.” If you love his work in Periphery, you are sure to enjoy his creative touch this time around. It goes to show just how insanely talented each of their members are, whether it be together or out on their own.

Essential Listens: “Astral,” “American Parasite,” “All of them Witches”

Stream Endur’s American Parasite

Mendel – Universal Omega

Mendel - Universal OmegaEven if you aren’t a fan of predominately instrumental records, Mendel’s Universal Omega is something you need to experience to believe it. Yes, it’s that insane. Stocked full of guitar acrobatics and guest appearances from names, like Daniël de Jongh (Textures), the record really impresses. Skillfull and progressive, Universal Omega takes you on a journey through a colorful and magical landscape, where sound and emotion collide. As your travels continue on, more wonderfully constructed, speedy, and atmospheric tracks, like “Omni Shogun,” surround you, but you’ll also find yourself suspended in space and time with songs like, “Motionless.” As far as soundscape goes, this one seeks to explore it all. Give this one a few listens, because you’ll find even more thrills and nuances the second, third, and even fourth time around.

Essential Tracks: “Descending Upon Hades,” “Motionless,” “The Rise of Apollo,” “Messengers III”

Stream Mendel’s “Descending Upon Hades”

Other notable mentions and great releases of the day: Ne Obliviscaris’ Urn, All Pigs Must Die’s Hostage Animal, Savage Messiah’s Hands Of FateSerenity’s Lionheart, Dr. Living Dead’s Cosmic ConquerorWinds of Plague’s Blood Of My Enemyand LIMBS’ SLEEP.

ICYMI: Last week, releases from Trivium, Gwar, Veil of Maya, In Search Of Sun, and Cyhra. To find out what’s coming up next, check out our album release calendar here. What are your favorite new releases of the day? Comment and let us know!