Heartaches – Svart EP

Heartaches - Svart
Label: Artery Recordings
Origin: Helsingborg, Sweden
Standout Tracks: Deathlist, The Process, Backyard Tree
Heartaches’ Svart is exactly how an EP should be done. With the exception of the intro track, “Svart”, this album hits hard as hell, start to finish. Heartaches show an impressive amount of diversity in such a short (6 song) effort, and Svart will definitely leave you wanting more from these Swedes.
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The Amity Affliction – This Could Be Heartbreak

The Amity Affliction - This Could Be Heartbreak
Label: Roadrunner Records
Origin: Brisbane, Australia
Standout Tracks: I Bring The Weather With Me
To be honest, I didn’t much care for The Amity Affliction’s latest release. I feel that This Could Be Heartbreak fell victim to being a little too repetitive and not very dynamic musically. That’s not to say people won’t like it, because I’m sure they will. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of the band’s past albums.

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