The Brave – Epoch

The Brave - Epoch
Label: UNFD / Rise Records
Origin: Brisbane, Australia
Standout Tracks: Dreamless, Ignited Youth, Slipping Away

Straight out of Brisbane, The Brave have really nailed it with their latest release, Epoch. The album does a fantastic job of balancing pummeling aggressiveness and sing along chorus’s. You won’t be sorry for adding Epoch to your collection.

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Moose Blood – Blush

Moose Blood - Blush
Label: Hopeless Records
Origin: Canterbury, England
Standout Tracks: Sway, Freckle

Moose Blood have created a great soundtrack for your summer with their latest release Blush. Although the album doesn’t seem to pick up steam until the latter half, Blush succeeds in being a cohesive step forward for a band that is showing more and more potential. If you grew up listening to early 2000’s punk bands like Blink 182 you’ll probably dig this album.

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Storm the Sky – Sin Will Find You

Storm the Sky - Sin Will Find You
Label: UNFD / Rise Records
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Standout Tracks: Jaded Ghost, Medicine, S.W.F.Y.

On my first listen through Sin Will Find You, it was hard to pinpoint what exactly it was about Storm the Sky that was so captivating. It’s hard to explain their sound. The only description I have is that they kind of sound like a much more rock influenced The Neighbourhood, and I mean that in the best way.

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Sianvar – Stay Lost

Sianvar - Stay Lost
Label: Blue Swan Records
Origin: Sacramento, California
Standout Tracks: Omniphobia, BedRoots

Admittedly, I just came across this band while making this list. They immediately stuck out to me with their atmospheric and experimental sound. On first listen it sounds like The Mars Volta and The Fall of Troy joined forces and got Anthony Green to front the band. That may sound like an odd description, but that’s all I got on this one. Expand your musical horizons and get this album.

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Carnifex – Slow Death

Carnifex - Slow Death
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Origin: San Diego, CA
Standout Tracks: Six Feet Closer to Hell, Necrotoxic, Countess of the Crescent Moon
Rounding out the list is Slow Death, from Carnifex. This album is the musical equivalent of an adrenaline shot. Seriously, next time you need an energy boost, skip the monster and listen to Slow Death.

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