Tom DeLonge (Blink-182, Angels & Airwaves, Co-Author of Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows) announced that he is beginning an AMA today, where he’ll respond to questions about his and AJ Hartley’s thrill-ride of a book, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows, that reveals secrets about real-life events involving Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

Ask Me Anything on Above Top Secret #SekretMachines

Posted by Tom DeLonge on Monday, April 11, 2016

He opened the forum up by stating,

“Why are we here? Probably because we all believe some of the same stuff. Fist, the world is a bit boring, so we collectively search the internet for fantastic, unbelievable, and insanely imaginative stories to be entertained. And most people do, actually. Except for us, we look for the ones that could be true.

The UFO phenomenon became, years ago, the ONLY thing that got my mind of the incredibly competitive nature of Rock and Roll. To succeed in a large rock band, you need to obsess about music at all hours of the day: What song you need to write, what tour production may be impactful, what video would cause a stir, what album name you wont hate after 5 years, and what 50 shows will we be playing a year from now? All very mind “filling”…

The idea that all of it is meaningless, that 9-5 jobs mean #, that Earth ain’t so special… That someone is building anti-gravity craft in an underground base, with astronauts in cool uniforms, and CIA guys marching around knowing all the secrets to the Universe… well, that is a much cooler story than mine. And what if it was true? At least some of it? That is why I love it. Nothing better to make me feel insignificant than a good ol’ Secret Space Program for National Security reasons idea.

I used to believe it all…I mean ALL. Every Serpo, Dulce, Schneider, Burisch, MJ12, Redlight, Hybrid…. etc… on and on and on… Then, after a bit of time and 150 books, I didn’t believe anything. I was pissed, felt duped, felt like there was no treasure hunt needed, no rabbit hole to fall into.

What a waste of time. Well, not exactly-

Now, guess what. The UFO phenomenon is TRUE. And yes, I know it is. Ive been told very important information about it, by the people who run the programs. Not every legend is true, but this one is. But be careful, there is a lot of crap out there. By design, to do what it has done to me. To prepare us for the small bit that IS true. And guess what, I didn’t freak out when I was told. I didn’t panic and burn down my house. I sat quietly and listened. And got excited for all the great things that could happen as the result. The ramifications are massive.

I didn’t get to ask every question. I asked for answers to SPECIFIC questions. So I have answers to give. Not details. Yes, these answers do exist in various places throughout the internet and books. But until NOW, you and I could not carve fact from fiction. We had NO WAY of knowing which of the thousand stories or ideas out there were actually true. We had no way of saying, yes, Aliens are this, and they are from there…. and they are doing this… etc. Even the Phd researcher is guessing at best. He has no security clearance. But my story is pretty cool, i got directed to the source over a very careful year of trying and pleading and pitching… and being respectful. Not being a conspiracy theorist. If you are one, they look at you as an amateur that entertains himself with only the lies that exist. You are not considered mature enough to understand the gravity of the issue.

I hope to tell you answers as to who they are, why this is secret, what we are doing because of it… and a few other things.

So… lets get started.”

DeLonge’s AMA is sure to be full of interesting, eye-opening dialogue. Ask your questions or follow the conversation here.