Anthony Green hasn’t released a solo album since Young Legs, which he released in 2013. After that, his crystal clear tone was mainly present on Circa Survive and Saosin’s records. That is, until now. Green is preparing for the release of his fourth studio album, Pixie Queen, on September 9th, which he explained to Fuse is not only about the love that he and his wife have for each other, but also the hate they occasionally have for one another. Pixie Queen–available for preorder now– will highlight the struggles of love, while expressing how it’s not always butterflies, sunshine, and rainbows.

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Today, to showcase the feel of his future album, Green premiered his newest single, “From What I Understand” on Fuse. Green’s voice is coated in pure emotion as he sings, “You asked me to go. Without me you’re free, but I couldn’t let it be”; in the background, an acoustic guitar complements his every word.

Listen to “From What I Understand” here.