Architects have dropped yet another song, “Gone With The Wind,” off their upcoming album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, that is releasing on May 27th. After the teaser for the song came out last week, there was a lot of talk around the Internet about how it was going to be a “softer” song. But, speculations were wrong; “Gone With The Wind” is just as heavy as the remainder of Architects work. At one part of the song, they briefly slow it down and we get to hear some singing; It’s a beautiful moment in the track. In addition, it has a similar vibe to “The Blues” off of their 2012 release, The Here and Now. When combined with their other single release, “A Match Made In Heaven”, we are given a fantastic preview into what we are in store for this go around.

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During their last In The Studio episode, vocalist Sam Carter, commented on All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, he stated, “On this one, it’s like, right, we knew what we were doing there, now let’s push it times ten. It has to be truly special to beat what we managed to achieve with Lost Forever. ”

Well, honestly it looks like they are going to achieve their goal. Lost Forever // Lost Together may be a monumental album, but it sounds like they are keen on outdoing themselves with All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, making them a strong contender for album of the year. But, as always, only time will tell.

Preorders are being taken now for the highly anticipated record.

Hear Architects new track, “Gone With The Wind”