Architects have been releasing videos titled the In The Studio series, that take us through the journey of the making of their seventh full-length studio album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us.

Today, the have released the second episode, giving us yet another look into the making of their highly anticipated record. Much like the first video, we are given both interviews with the band and an inner look at their time in the studio.

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“All of the good things have happened, probably, you know, the last six months up to the record, there’s been personal things that made it, probably, one of the hardest period of our lives, and a lot of that has shaped not just the recording, but the writing of the record.”

-Tom Searle

In the video, they talk about the addition of their newest member, Adam, how they were “too immersed” in their last album, Lost Forever // Lost Together, but that they have managed to find a healthy balance this go around, and much more.

Watch Architects’ 2nd episode of In The Studio

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