Recently, Beartooth have been dropping songs of their upcoming album release, Aggressive, that will officially be releasing on June 3rd. So far, ‘Aggressive,” and “Always Dead,” have hit our ears, which have shown some promise to their future album, but nothing hits home quite as hard as their latest song, “Loser.”

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For CS, this is their best single yet, and it shows off Beartooth’s traditional sound, with their high, aggressive energy and Caleb Shomo’s signature gritty and commanding vocals. But, that’s not to say that they don’t show off some evolution here as the track does contain an introduction and elements similar to that of something you’d hear in punk.

Still, the single is lacking in terms of lyrical composition, much like the other songs released off Aggressive. But, we’ve only been given a mere sampling of what’s to come, so hopefully others will be stronger in this department. Stay tuned for the review of Aggressive on June 3rd!

Hear Beartooth’s best single yet, “Loser”

What do you think of Beartooth’s latest release, “Loser?” Do you think they are growing stronger with the songs they’ve released so far? Let us know in the comments.