Circa Survive are not afraid to take risks, and that has become very clear over the course of their career. With five progressive and highly-acclaimed albums already under their belt, Circa Survive are looking to add a sixth full-length, The Amulet, on September 22nd. The new record will be releasing via Hopeless Records. In further celebration of the announcement, they have dropped an artistic new music video for their first single release, “Lustration.” One thing’s for sure, Circa Survive never disappoint. And this go around is sure to be no exception.

The Amulet is said to just as high concept as Circa Survive’s previous discography, but there is a newly explored, unique parallel between the themes of the new record; That parallel being between massive, catastrophic events, such as the apocalypse and unstable political climates, and the personal trials that come with social relationships. Anthony Green commented on the concept of the album further,

When we were writing ‘Lustration’ there was an immediate feeling that it needed to be the first song on the album and the first song that people heard. It centers the album around the themes of life, death, and rebirth, and we wanted the video and artwork to carry that theme as well. The band has changed a lot, our personal lives have changed a lot, and the video sort of symbolizes those changes you go through—as a band, as a person, in relationships—that necessary struggle you experience when you’re trying to embrace something new.

Check out the thrilling debut, “Lustration,” below, and make sure you check out the new album artwork that was done, like all previous Circa albums, by the always phenomenal Esao Andrews. You can also get your preorder in for The Amulet now here.

Circa Survive – Lustration (Official Music Video)

The Amulet Tracklist

The Amulet Circa Survive

1. Lustration
2. Never Tell A Soul
3. Premonition of the Hex
4. Tunnel Vision
5. At Night It Gets Worse
6. Stay
7. Rites of Investiture
8. The Hex
9. Flesh and Bone
10. The Amulet

Circa Survive will also be hitting the road on a United States tour with AFI and Citizen in support of The Amulet, so there’s a very real possibility that you’ll be hearing some new songs live. Shows begin this week, so make sure you pick up your tickets while you still can!