Comeback Kid are further raising anticipation for their upcoming September 8th release, Outsider, with a second look, “Somewhere, Somehow,” into the new album. In June, they dropped “Absolute”; A furious track featuring the mightily talented Devin Townsend. That initial listen was enough to cause the blood to rush, but “Somewhere, Somehow,” takes it just a small step further than its predecessor. Not only does it show off that traditional unforgiving sound of Comeback Kid well, but the guitars in the track really thrash throughout in this one.

With a relentless energy and unshakable attitude, Comeback Kid have landed themselves at the top as one of the most solid and powerful bands of our time. The first two outings of the new record have us extremely anxious to further explore the new direction that Comeback Kid have chosen to take. Until you can get your hands on the full release, check out their second punishing, new track,”Somewhere, Somehow” below.


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