CKY have just debuted their third single, “Head For A Breakdown,” off their upcoming record, The Phoenix. Previous to this release, they dropped “Replaceable” on SIRIUSXM’s Octane following the hype of their first release, “Days Of Self Destruction,” featuring Mastodon’s Brent Hinds. “Head For A Breakdown” is yet another killer look into their forthcoming album. Vocalist Chad I Ginsburg had the following to say about their latest effort,

“Head for a Breakdown” seemed to write itself. In a sense, it’s a song about taking things too far when you darn right know it won’t end well but you do it anyway. Go figure. The mid solo section is an epic break unlike any we have done in the past. Very Proud of this song.

As you await for their highly anticipated record to hit shelves, check out their latest below.

CKY – Head For A Breakdown