There’s few things that can instantly brighten your day and the promise of new Brand New music is one of them. Brand New just released a short clip of a single titled “I Am a Nightmare” off their upcoming album. The single is expected to officially release on May 20th, but you can preorder the full track for 99 cents or preview it here.

They only gave us 30 seconds, but it features, as expected, a mixture of their most recent album Daisy and older efforts like Your Favorite Weapon, providing almost a then and now look into the band’s career. It’s the perfect way for them to come back out of the gate. If I gathered that all from a mere 30 second clip, I can’t wait to hear what else they’re coming out with.

Update: Brand New have just released the full version of “I Am A Nightmare” to Youtube. It’s an extremely catchy tune that will complement long summer night drives perfectly.

What do you think of Brand New’s new track? Does it stack up to all the hype? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.