Today, on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter, letlive. debuted their second single, “Reluctantly Dead” off their upcoming album release, If I’m The Devil, that is releasing on June 10th. When paired with “Good Mourning, America,” we are given a strong and promising insight into both the mood and sound of their future album, which has evolved from their last effort, The Blackest Beautiful.

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From the get go, we were given the traditional letlive. energy and passionate yet intelligently written lyrics. This go around, we are given an anthem-like song that is like nothing we’ve ever heard of before from letlive. It’s great to see that they are doing way more than coming up with The Blackest Beautiful 2.0 and are continuing to evolve without losing sight of who they are as a band.

Jason Butler told Daniel P. Carter about the inspiration behind “Reluctantly Dead,” he stated,

“It’s simply me trying to figure out a way to humanize authority. For so long, i’ve put the blame on people taking power into their own hands and not really considering the fact that they were people to begin with. Authority for me was always a threat and it wore this mask that made it easy for me to talk shit and say I wanted nothing to do with it but in this song I’m just trying to humanize that and understand that people make mistakes; Trying to figure out the line and the threshold where people go over the line and how human is it to take that kinda power into your own hands and what you do with it when you get it.”

Hear letlive’s fresh new single, “Reluctantly Dead”

The Blackest Beautiful is a tough act to follow, but each time letlive. puts out a new album they continue to not only surprise, but impress with their ingenuity and ability to stand out from the crowd.

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