Experimental rock/metal outfit In The Presence of Wolves made waves in 2015 when they released their full-length Thalassas with its eclectic and peculiar sound.  They will be upping that momentum on June 30th with the release of their EP, Of Two Minds, Stages 1-2: The Ape and The Cage, which further explores their technically unique sound all the while taking you on a conceptual journey through the five stages of grief. The record was produced by Backroom Studios owner and The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist, Kevin Antreassian, who according to guitarist Chris Capitanio, “inspired a heavier edge to the songs”.

Chris also had the following to say about their upcoming release,

This EP is the first in a series of conceptual releases. When we started writing, we were all going through a lot of negative things in our personal lives-several close family deaths, cancer scares, breakups-it seemed like it was all happening at once. We came up with the idea of basing the record on the five stages of grief and everything just fell into place.

In addition to their EP announcement, In The Presence of Wolves have released the first song off the record, “The One Who Fell To Earth”. It is a very rampageous-yet-promising look into their upcoming release. Listen below and let us know your thoughts!

 In The Presence of Wolves – “The One Who Fell To Earth”