I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of letlive. Their music burrows deep into your soul. I guess that’s why they are the best Soul Punx around. When letlive. started teasing something on Instagram, speculations hit the comment feeds instantaneously. The speculation we are adamantly standing behind is that letlive. will be releasing a new song tomorrow, April 6th, to give fans a little taste of what they’ve been working on for their upcoming album, If I’m The Devil. Here’s why we believe you should religiously tune in tomorrow to letlive.‘s pages/Epitaph’s Youtube channel:

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1. The ball and the string.If I'm The Devil- letlive.

Since March 31st, as many of you know, letlive. have been posting a series of individual photos that when viewed together create a bigger picture of a ball of string unravelling, seemingly leading us towards something. Everything is unfolding and it is our belief that the string will soon end at its destination. In addition, letlive.’s album art was supposedly leaked and after I saw it, everything started to make complete sense. It’s all about the larger picture.

If I'm The Devil

2. #GoodMourningIf I'm The Devil- letlive.

Every single one of letlive.’s Instagram posts in the past 5 days were captioned #GoodMourning. A forum on Vinyl Collective stated that their upcoming album release, If I’m The Devil’s, third track is titled, “Good Mourning, America.” I am speculating that letlive. will be releasing this track as a single to raise anticipation for their June release tomorrow morning, which quite honestly is one of the bests things to wake up to.

3. The Countdown If I'm The Devil- letlive.

Finally, they are clearly counting down towards something. Though they are releasing their album in June, which incidently is the sixth month of the year, that’s too far off and they are clearly teasing something in the near (very near) future. Almost secretly hidden in every photo is a 6. Since they started this project five days ago, this means the countdown will be coming to a halt tomorrow, most likely in the morning given the title of their song, “Good Mourning, America.”

letlive. are one of the most influential and inspirational bands that our generation has to offer. Tomorrow, it is our hope that we will be rising up from our slumber to a new letlive. tune. If we do, one thing is for sure, it’s going to wake you up quicker than the strongest of coffees and when your co-workers ask you where you got that pep in the step, make sure you practice #wordofmouth and share the ll.ove.