letlive. have made the biggest transition in their career from their well-known chaotic sound that holds no bounds like a wild animal out of a cage to a more pulled back and restrained route that has fans and critics quite polarized. Clarity is something that will really help fans who are on the fence understand why the Soul Punx decided to take this new direction. Today, letlive. released a documentary explaining the making and driving force behind If I’m The Devil. Jason Aalon in particular is interviewed and he gives us all the answers we need as to why letlive. have made such a drastic change.

He stated the following quotes within the video,

If I’m The Devil is one of those like if-then statements. It’s essential at least to me this offering for those who are willing to listen. Both ideologically and sonically, it is our way of representing letlive. in this new light.”

“I personally felt like I had reached a crux moment in my life. In my search for spiritual, intellectual, and emotional epiphany, looking for those things I realized that I was quite possibly lessening my chances at times because of my sort of reckless nature and this strange pension for self-abandon that I was exhibiting over the years. Retrospectively, looking back and when I’d reflect on what I had done and how I’d done it and how I got where I was, I think I was crediting a lot of the wrong things. And the things that I was crediting where not necessarily things that’d be admirable to most people.”

He even commented on their previous creations by stating that he was, “Trying to grasp the worth of life by challenging it and understanding my mortality by essentially threatening myself in order to enhance the fact that I was still alive.”

You really have to understand letlive.’s intention to fully get into this record as it is like nothing we’ve heard before from them. As always, it’s just nice to hear Jason Butler, such an intelligent and well-spoken man discuss his life’s work. Seriously, I could sit and listen to him talk all day. But, on a more serious note, his words have given us a whole new perspective on a record that seems to be misunderstood by some. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Watch letlive’s ‘If I’m The Devil’ documentary below