letlive. are one of those bands we can always count on to speak out on the problems we’re facing in the current state of the world. Not only do they make their voices heard, they take action too. In their most recent effort against ongoing gun violence and police brutality in communities across America, letlive. have released a limited edition t-shirt, in which all profits will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The t-shirt is available for pre-order and lists the name of every person who has died as a result of police misconduct in 2016.

Commenting on the release, here’s what frontman Jason Butler had to say.

As one of the lightest persons of color on my block I struggled to find an identity within my demographic…until the respective law enforcement agency arrived. It was in those moments I was reminded of how I was to identify in this country. A construct that was created, not chosen. It was in those moments I knew that I was part of the ‘other’ section of our society. I experienced treatment that challenged the worth of our bodies and, sadly, I am reminded of such systems all too often with moments like these. It shouldn’t take a band releasing a shirt with the names of those slain by the ones appointed to keep them safe for people to realize what is happening outside of their doors, but I sure as hell do hope it helps.

The shirt is being released on August 31st and can be pre-ordered below.
Good Mourning, American Charity T-Shirt