New Nine Inch Nails is here, and it is anything but less than. Today, they released a taste of their newly announced EP, Add Violence, coming soon on July 21st. It is part of the EP trilogy that NIN had previously announced, and follows Not the Actual Events as well as their exciting appearance on Twin Peaks.

The limited digital and physical component version is available now here. Prefer vinyl? You can sign up to be alerted when vinyl copies of Add Violence come available here. CD versions will not be available for purchase until September 1st. Make sure you pick up these copies when you can, because they are limited! But before you get your hands on their new EP, check out their latest, “Less Than,” below.

Nine Inch Nails – Less Than

Add Violence Tracklist

1. Less Than
2. The Lovers
3. This Isn’t the Place
4. Not Anymore
5. The Background World

Nine Inch Nails Tour Dates

7/23 // Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest
7/30 // New York, NY @ Panorama Festival
9/15 // Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
10/21 // Sacramento, CA @ Aftershock Fest

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