Norma Jean are releasing their album Polar Similar on September 9th. We’ve heard an ounce of what’s to come from their earlier release, “1,000,000 Watts” and now they’ve released another track titled, “Synthetic Sun,” which is an experimental as well as a more technical effort from Norma Jean. The track drives with a gentle force. You’ll find yourself being pulled in by its undeniably gritty and down right heavy charm. Metalcore is all about the aggressive, petal to the metal tracks, but Norma Jean are coming at us with this traditional path yet they have somehow managed to finesse and tame the beast without completely breaking it, creating something that is just as brutal as it is artful.

It is clear that Norma Jean are evolving their sound to be something that is still reminiscent of their earlier works, but slightly more advanced. This is an exciting time to be a fan of the band as we watch them transcend from something that was a beacon of the early metalcore days to revolutionaries of modern metalcore.

Hear Norma Jean’s Powerhouse, “Synthetic Sun.”

Preorder Polar Similar here.