Depression: A word that seems small, but carries much weight. It’s a word that Much Ado About Everything’s founder and singer, Sean Gonzalez, learned was more than just a word, but a reality; A reality that sinks in deep. But, as Gonzalez and many around the world know, it can get better and it doesn’t always have to be a reality. As a form of expression and a method to channel his thoughts and emotions, Gonzalez turned to music. Today, he is premiering his creation, “Three Stones.” He wrote it at a time of despair and uncertainty, making it a highly emotive and vocally raw track. Sean commented on the inspiration for “Three Stones” and what he hopes listeners take away from the song,

“This song is the abrasive sound of all of my inner contempt finally exposed to the world. It was written and created in a different time of my life, one where a constant depression was scratching at my brain, thus the choice of style I wanted for this song. I’m much better now, but I hope people take away something from this.”

Without further ado, here is the premiere of “Three Stones” by Much Ado About Everything

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Artwork by Riley Savage