Today, Radiohead released their song, “Burn The Witch,” that is to be featured on their 2016 album release. We have yet to hear any official news as to when the album will be releasing.

“Burn The Witch” is full of structure as it takes on Jonny Greenwod’s classical approach. In addition, it has a very eerie yet refreshing mood that is supplemented both by the looming and balanced composure of the track and Thom Yorke’s haunting and soothing vocals. It most assuredly raised the anticipation for their upcoming album, even though anything stamped with their unique and creatively finesse signature is already highly anticipated around the world.

It’s no surprise anymore that Radiohead is one of the most consistent, influential bands on Earth and “Burn The Witch” is a good omen of what’s to come from them.

Hear Radiohead’s newest song, “Burn The Witch”

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