Silverstein have just announced that their new eighth full-length record, Dead Reflection, will be releasing July 14th via Rise Records. As if this news isn’t exciting enough, they have also given us a taste of their upcoming release by dropping the video for their heavy new track, “Retrograde”. It’s definitely not like anything we’ve heard previously from Silverstein, but that’s definitely a positive in this case. Give “Retrograde” a listen below and let us know what you think!

Silverstein- “Retrograde”

Dead Reflection Track List

Silverstein Dead Reflection

1. Last Looks
2. Retrograde
3. Lost Positives
4. Ghost
5. Aquamarine
6. Mirror Box
7. Demons
8. The Afterglow
9. Cut and Run
10. Secret’s Safe
11. Whiplash
12. Wake Up

You can preorder Dead Reflection now here.