Stick to Your Guns just announced that they will be releasing their new album True View on October 13th via Pure Noise Records. Ahead of its release, they have dropped a sonically-impressive, multidimensional new track, “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance of Self,” which features a previously unheard layer of Stick To Your Guns; However, it does still have that relentless, characteristic energy that has made them so successful and impossible to ignore over the years. It’s heavy as hell, both in terms of lyrical content and sound, and it gets you really excited for what’s to come.

Singer Jesse Barnett had the following to say about their new track,

Something I see in a lot of people, including almost everyone of my peers, is the inability to be honest with oneself. Everyone thinks they’re right. Everyone can’t seem to get a grip on the reality of being self-aware. I was this way and I’m sure I still can be. I was an incredibly selfish person who did whatever I felt like doing. I would leave a trail of destruction everywhere I went and my loved ones would always give me the pass — ‘Oh well, that’s Jesse.’ I came to a point where I realized no one is going to keep me accountable for my actions but myself. I lost some of the most important things in my life these last few years and I had nowhere left to hide. I had to face my fire. I had to finally, for fucking once, live with the hurt I created. I had to own my mistakes and it’s been the heaviest weight I’ve ever had to carry.

He also discussed their upcoming album, True View. He said,

True View was inspired by innumerable conversations that I had with my mother during the hardest couple of years I’ve had in my life. The people I lost in my life, the mental and physical challenges I faced, as well as losing myself. I don’t know if it was getting older or the foundation I had built my life on cracking beneath my feet or a mixture of everything. I had just hit a point where I was forced to take inventory of who I was. Truly. Not the person I thought I was or the person I wanted to be, but the actual person I was. I had to face my own pain and the pain I caused others. In this time, much like my entire life, my mother was my guiding light. Through the patience, advice and guidance she offered me, I was able to navigate to a place of enlightenment or at the very least a place of better understanding. I’m still not the person I hope to one day be but I now feel confident in myself to make decisions and guide myself to that place of peace within myself. Regardless of how anyone feels about this record, all I can say it that it was necessary. It had to be written and I’m glad it was.

Guitarist Josh James added further,

Anyone who is familiar with Stick to Your Guns is aware that our music, lyrics, message, and existence is a reflection of our inner selves processing the world we live in. Selfishly, I have always used this band as a source of therapy, as well as a source of understanding different perspectives. I really wanted to intentionally create an album that sonically reflects the feeling of modern life: depression, anger, fear, hope, happiness, forgiveness and clarity. A feeling of breaking through the dark shit in life and the journey of the struggle that ends up elevating you to a new, smarter, stronger, better version of yourself. Things really clicked when Jesse started tracking vocals. The lyrics and feeling he put into each song constantly blew me away, his words were the perfect fit to the songs. I’ve created a lot of music in my life, but right now I can’t help but feel that True View is the album I’ve always wanted to be part of.

Without further ado, here is their new track, “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance of Self,” off their soul-searching new record, True View.

Stick To Your Guns – “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth or ‘Penance of Self'” Lyric Video

As if that news wasn’t exciting enough, Stick To Your Guns will also embark on a series of True View record release shows. Those select dates, as well as North American tour plans for Winter 2018, will be revealed later on. You can also get your preorder in for their new record here.