Stray From The Path are unapologetic and unafraid, so it’s no surprise that they came out swinging this time around. Today, they released their new knockout of a song, “Goodnight Alt-right,” off their upcoming album release, Only Death Is Real. The new album will be releasing via Sumerian Records, and will be dropping on September 8th.

There will also be a number of guest appearances on Only Death Is Real, including Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose, and rapper Vinnie Paz. One thing’s for sure, this album is sure to hold back nothing, and stand for everything, especially with releases like “Goodnight Alt-right,” so we really can’t wait to get our hands on this release.

Right now, their latest release is causing a controversy like wildfire with who would’ve guessed… the alt-right, and the comment feeds on SFTP’s feeds are so cringe-worthy you can’t help but wonder what is wrong with people. All I can say is “if you preach hate, then expect hate,” and you just reacted exactly how Stray From The Path wanted you to. For those of you who are abandoning Stray From The Path because of their views, you can check out my letter to people who clearly don’t know what punk is. All of that aside, here’s their newest video for “Goodnight Alt-right,” which you can check out below.

STRAY FROM THE PATH – Goodnight Alt-right (Official Music Video)

Only Death Is Real Tracklist

1. “The Opening Move”
2. “Loudest In The Room”
3. “Goodnight Alt-right”
4. “Let’s Make A Deal”
5. They Always Take The Guru”
6. “Plead The Fifth”
7. “Strange Fiction” (feat. Keith Buckley)
8. “All Day & A Night” (feat. Bryan Garris)
9. “The House Always Wins” (feat. Vinnie Paz)
10. “Only Death Is Real”

You can get your pre-order for Only Death Is Real now. If you love Stray From The Path comment and let us know!