Touché Amoré will be releasing their album, Stage Four, on September 16th, which is a highly emotional and reflective record as it’s pulled from a place of  grief. Lead vocalist, Jeremy Bolm lost his mother to cancer; a sorrow that unfortunately many of us can relate to. In times of hopelessness, grief, pain, and uncertainty, music can prove to be a wonderful outlet that holds the ability to help us heal and cope in the toughest of times, even come to terms with the fact that someone is gone. Stage Four appears to be an attempt at just that.

Today, they debuted a new song off Stage Four titled “Displacement.” Stereogum spoke with Bolm about the meaning of their latest track, he said,

“The word ‘Displacement’ in Greek is Metastasis, which is the term used when cancer has spread from one organ to another. Having “dis” in the title felt like a good head nod to Discharge, Disfear, Disclose, etc. as this song has a strong D-beat presence,” Bolm explains of the song’s origins. “Most of my lyrics are autobiographical, but this one feels more like stating facts than word play. It touches on my faith or lack thereof in the afterlife. How for her sake I want to believe in heaven because it’s what she deserves.”

When you hear that he wants to believe in heaven because that’s what his mom deserves, it really hits deep and you learn that “Displacement” is more than just a song, it’s a cry for answers in a moment of immense pain and even more so, a beautiful homage to his mother.

Hear Touche Amore’s latest track, “Displacement,” here.