Early in the month, Veil of Maya announced that they’ll release their upcoming album, False Idol, on October 20th via Sumerian Records. Today, they are following through with their promise of a new single titled “Overthrow,” and it fires on all cylinders. Little information in regards to inspiration for the album has been released, but their latest creation speaks louder than words.

Veil of Maya’s False Idol is available for preorder now with various formats and bundle options available, including limited vinyl pressings and packages that contain limited amounts of special edition posters signed by the band. As their merch store states, don’t miss your chance to score one of these bundles and options while you can. You can pick up your copy of the new record here.

Without further ado, here is their insane new track, “Overthrow.”

False Idol Tracklist

Veil of Maya - False Idol Cover Art

1. Lull
2. Fracture
3. Doublespeak
4. Overthrow
5. Whistleblower
6. Echo Chamber
7. Pool Spray
8. Graymail
9. Manichee
10. Citadel
11. Follow Me
12. Tyrant
13. Livestream

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