With an almost 30 year career under their belt, Cannibal Corpse are back to pulverize us yet again with their nearing release Red Before Black. Slashing their way into our hearts–as always–with their gore infested and bloodcurdling tracks, these death metal legends are set on continuing to up the shock factor, while evolving the precision of their execution and sound with their 14th studio record. Featuring an intense amount of aggression and a more refined touch, Red Before Black fits in with Cannibal Corpse’s discography, while managing to stand out strong from the pack. It may not be the alpha, but it has one hell of a mean bite.

The album’s first track, “Only One Will Die,” wastes no time asserting itself. Already, Red Before Black is like an efficient killer in its approach, and absolutely brutal in its attack. Assailing you with riffs, blasting drums, and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher‘s enraged growls, “Only One Will Die” gets the diabolical festivities going in a fantastic way, and provides for one hell of an opening romp.

Following is their previously released title-track, “Red Before Black.” With a more thrash-y sense of urgency, this one takes it in a slightly different direction without losing their pure death metal sound. You can also hear this influence in songs like “Code of the Slashers.” Like many tracks on the record, this one will hunt you down. “Shedding My Human Skin,” enters after with sinister riffs and a powerful outburst from Fisher. Adding a new pace to the record, their fourth track shreds, while adding that classic Cannibal Corpse touch to Red Before Black.

Cannibal Corpse – “Red Before Black”

“Remaimed” continues on the madness, but doesn’t discern itself enough from the previously heard tracks. Paul Mazurkiewicz‘s speed and presence on the drums, however, provide the shining moment on this one. The next track comes in as its name would suggest, like a “Firestorm Vengeance.” Its riffs are infectious and it’s boiling over with anger. Also, there’s a blazing solo–also heard many times throughout the record–within that you can’t help but nod your hat off to. Skill-wise, Cannibal Corpse don’t get the praise they deserve, but with tracks like this and  “Corpus Delicti” you can’t help but take notice.

“Heads Shoveled Off” increases the peril with blistering fast, well everything. Corpsegrinder’s vocals cut through loud and clear, but so do the guitars and the drums. Production and song structure-wise, this is one of the best on the entire record. “Scavenger Consuming Death” continues to show off their chops, while featuring an exciting moment where all of the instruments drop out except for Alex Webster‘s bass. Dynamic and thrilling, this one gets the blood pumping and the head banging. Rounding out Red Before Black is “In the Midst of Ruin,” “Destroyed Without a Trace,” and “Hideous Ichor,” all show off the brutality of Cannibal Corpse and keep the carnage going until the very last note.

Though Red Before Black loses a little steam with the last three tracks, it ends as one of Cannibal Corpse’s most accomplished releases yet. With a better grip on production and a savage as ever delivery, their latest is an extremely fun and exciting listen. Regardless of the fact that it didn’t stray too far from the formula, it brings it all together in one slasher of a record that solidifies their place even further as one of death metal’s best.

Cannibal Corpse – “Code of the Slashers”

Cannibal Corpse’s Red Before Black is unleashing on Friday, November 3rd via Metal Blade Records. If you have yet to pick up your copy, you can do so here! How excited are you for their new record to release? Comment and let us know.