Doyle II: As We Die Track by Track Review

“KISS ME AS WE DIE” / The opening track off of Doyle’s jaw-breaking release lingers with anticipation, leading into a violently thrashing intro as Alex Story’s vocals erupt into a cataclysmic explosion. Fast-paced and utterly sabotaging, Brandon Pertzborn’s insanity on the drums take this death-defying track on a wild ride, imploring you to turn it up louder and hold fast as you continue on through this album’s upcoming raging tracks.

“BEAST LIKE ME” / Fueled by pure adrenaline, this track is simply unforgiving. Instantly devouring everything in its path, “Beast Like Me” is nothing short of an excellent follow-up to its predecessor “Kiss Me As We Die”. A minute and forty-four seconds into the song you get a taste of Doyle’s masterful sound in all its glory, breaking free into a guitar feeding frenzy. 

“GOD OF FLIES” / Sinister and embracing inevitable death, this compelling song transcends mere perfection as Story sings the opening verse. It’s one of those songs that grows on you as you listen to it more and more. With the deathly force of Brandon Strate’s bass and Brandon Pertzborn’s drums, this song is driven perfectly to its end.

“RUN FOR YOUR LIFE” / There’s a sense of reckoning as you hear the unforgettable line, death is just a moment away”. Instantly, those words cast a dark shadow over this already intensified track, seemingly alluding to the idea of what’s to come.

“DARKSIDE” / “Darkside” instantly feels timeless. It is one of my favorite Doyle guitar pieces on the album. Story’s vocals soar throughout its progression, taking you on this endless journey through time that eventually flourishes into a bleak, but rather hopeful end.

“WITCHCRAFT” / One of the standout choruses on the first few listens through, “Witchcraft” encompasses an old school sound, almost as if it has been suspended through time. Unique and undoubtedly beautiful in style, this is an initial favorite, and is one of the many songs from the album that will have you replaying it over and over again.

“KING OF THE UNDEAD” / A feeling of a desolate unknown; “King Of The Undead” immediately sends the mind racing, fueled by everything evil and nothing but endless determination at its side.

“VIRGIN SACRIFICE” / Doyle does not disappoint. Vicious and unrepentant, this grotesque grooving riff-laden track accentuates Story’s vocals and blistering screams.

“WE BELONG DEAD” / With a similar style, “We Belong Dead” is very reminiscent of “Witchcraft”. This track delivers another dose of a complete and defiant sound, which fades flawlessly into “Show No Mercy.”

“SHOW NO MERCY” / Yet another riffing-rampage, “Show No Mercy” keeps up the album’s pace. This high energy, kill or be killed feel, keeps you listening inventively throughout. It only validates itself more and more with each listen as it attempts to satisfy the never-ending appetite of Doyle’s reign of mass destruction.

“DARK GODS ARISE” / A song that unleashes endless disparity through Story’s vocals, “dead father, cursed mother,” takes you far away from any hope you may have ever felt. Unforgiving and merciless, this is a track that shouldn’t be overlooked.

“BLOOD ON THE AXE” / Fanatically insane, the devil within Alex Story is unleashed. This song delivers bludgeoning blow after blow, leaving you helpless amidst this crazed killing spree of musical brilliance. An unparalleled follow-up to “Dark Gods Arise”, it’s absolutely relentless.   

“NIGHT OF SIN” / Doyle doesn’t take a moment off as this entire album delivers track after track. Individually sound and lyrically embracing, “Night Of Sin” is nothing short of a triumphant finish to an already astounding track list.

This album is a beautiful perfection that features Doyle’s wild, gut-wrenching sound. It’s pure horror metal that harnesses the chaos and warrants your full attention from beginning to end. The entire album breeds life straight from Hell. Laying its foundation with Doyle’s signature cutthroat riffs, and Story’s unmatched vocals, Doyle II: As We Die is nothing short of a modern masterpiece that new and old fans alike will be able to appreciate. Showcasing each individual’s talents and their already legendary notoriety, it’s relentlessly profound and is a must listen.