Havok–along with many in the United States–are coming to realize the stark reality that is George Orwell’s 1984. We now live in a world where critical thought, though not yet condemned, is being questioned, a scary fact that suddenly makes 1984 seem less fiction and more reality. Havok’s upcoming release, Conformicide, in turn, is questioning the current state of things itself, making it one of the most profound records thus far in 2017. It is is an absolute thrasher of a record that hits the nail on the head about the very scary reality of the system’s threat to society.

Opening up the record is “F.P.C”, which kicks off with a poignant and evocative classical guitar entrance that makes you feel slightly out of ease, much like you are being watched at all times. Then you are thrown into a chaotic, chunky bass riff amongst a high tempo drum beat, and that fed-up, angry mentality breaks through. This track truly shines in its ability to make you feel not only the tension, but also the anger and uncertainty that forms underneath the all-seeing and all-controlling entity that is a tyrannical regime. Amongst the meteoric and eye-opening music, lead David Sanchez screams, “Speaking your mind becomes a sin. Political correctedness breaking through.” From the very get-go you are hit in the face with the brutal truth, and the revolution is just beginning…

I have to say that while the entire record absolutely rips and wails, the bass work is one of the biggest successes of Conformicide. It adds a maniacally funky yet larger than life feel to tracks like “Hang ’em High”.  Yells of “Liars!” and “Betrayers!” ring into your existence, not complacent, but ready to fight. There’s also some extremely intense and wild drum work on this track. Paired with a mind-boggling guitar solo and riffs that rip through you and you have yet another unforgiving, pissed track that absolutely hits it out of the park.

Throughout Conformicide, you are bombarded with this relentless truth that burrows into your mind as you are left feeling unsettled, like this giant eye is looming over you, and somebody is threatening to take away your rights. When listening to Conformicide you are ready to fight against all of that due to its extremely aggressive personality and at-all-costs attitude. This can really be felt in songs, like “Ingsoc” and “Peace Is In Pieces”, which are thought-provoking and motivating listens. Conformicide takes all of these negative emotions around the world and the looming certainty of George Orwell’s 1984, and harnesses it into one whopper of a record that doesn’t just resist tyranny, but also celebrates the beauty of the freedom of speech, and asserts its importance and rightful place in society.

In short, it’s a hard-hitting, musically-advanced, eye-opening, and brutal album that will prepare you for war, providing anthems for a generation that is angry, confused, and fearful; A sobering yet forward reminder to wake up in this claiming certainty.