While many bands are out there sleeping, While She Sleeps are wide awake, hell bent on making themselves and their messages known. Built by a community that refuses to give in, You Are We is an album that works to rebuild hope within a world that is so determined to destroy it. Its anger not only inspiring change, but also fueling a revolution within the hearts of all who listen. In an empire of silence, You Are We roars out from the rooftops as one of 2017’s most important releases.

Ripping into your existence from the get go is the album’s opener, “You Are We”. Its aggressive, fed up mentality really displays the personality of the record, all the while highlighting the power of the collective. Loz calls out all the hypocrites as he ardently growls out, “You want your countless wars, We want to count less wars, You want to point the blame at the heretics, But you’re the hypocrites”, amongst a swarm of riffs. As a unit, While She Sleeps, from the very beginning, are set, as always, on destroying the lines that exist so commonly between fan and band by putting together a record that screams literally you are we, while also conveying that we are in this together as one.

Following is “Steal The Sun”, which rolls in ominously only to suddenly bombard you with its feverish melody. Chants bring in this feeling of collectivity as one unit of voices unwaveringly rise over the chaos. All the while, While She Sleeps are MC’ing a revolution. “Feel” succeeds with the same attitude, but more of a punch. Fiery guitar riffs are further amplified by the merciless force of Adam Savage’s drumming. A brief solo wails out as they chant, “Let’s feel this together”, once again displaying a sense of unity. After, a trilling, clean guitar hums out on “Empire of Silence”, which suddenly plunges into a meteoric wall of voices. This track also features perhaps one of the most profound lyrics on You Are We, “We’re building walls where there should have been bridges”. As that line wails out, a cataclysm of sound booms out, intense enough to break down those very walls.

Carrying on with a similar theme is “Silence Speaks”, which features Oli Sykes, but though that’s an awesome addition to the track, honestly, that’s not the best part about it. The best part comes towards the end when the Sleeps Brothers call out together as one, “The longer I live, I learn that we don’t belong, We’ve taken more than we can give, And you’d do better on your own”, sending chills down your spine as one of the most memorable moments on the record. Sure, it’s not as brutally heavy and rifftastic as many of the tracks on You Are We, but it’s those subtle, more stripped-down moments that make it something more than your everyday metalcore record. Pair that with lyrics that deserve to really be heard, and you have something more of an artful expression.

Ending the album is “In Another Now”, which travels through moments of purity and brutality as it breaks between haunting melodies and ferocious roars; The music taking you through these emotional highs and lows that speak both of anger and sorrow. The lyric, “I can survive if I know you are we”, ends the track, providing the perfect bookend to the album’s opener, “You Are We”. That cohesiveness showing yet again why this is a record that will be not just sang, but roared, from the rooftops. Though “In Another Now” signalized the end of You Are We, this clearly won’t be the last you hear of the Sleeps Brothers, who are forging their own path to the top with an album that is sure to tear down borders and break walls.

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