All Time Low have been making girls swoon since I was fifteen years old. To give you perspective, that was ten years ago. On Friday night in Denver, it seems that nothing has changed as they gleefully hit the Fillmore Auditorium stage along with SWMRS, Waterparks, and The Wrecks. As the music and good times began, bras, no joke, began to fly, and fans began to fiercely sing along at the top of their lungs to the songs of their respective youths. The energy over the course of the night continued to ramp up, until the last renegades and life of the party, All Time Low, gave a high-energy performance that set the night off like fireworks.

Opening up All Time Low’s set with a bang was “Last Young Renegade,” the title track off their recently released seventh studio album. Alex Gaskarth burst out with his characteristically upbeat personality and sang, “Just a couple kids on a summer street, Chasing around to a flicker beat, Making mistakes that were made for us, We brushed them off like paper cuts.” His vocals were as you would hear them on record: Flawless, smooth, and emotive. In front of him, a mass of fans were adamantly singing along with him and smiling just as bright as he was.

Jack Barakat was at Alex’s side, making funny faces and bouncing around with a seemingly endless amount of energy. On countless occasions, he moved back to marvel in the moment with drummer Rian Dawson, who was also busy having the time of his life. Zack Merrick was no exception as he caught air and soared over the stage along with his bass guitar. With new material and an unstoppable spirit, All Time Low came out ready to give their fans a performance they’d remember. That energy continued to increase during songs like “Backseat Serenade” and “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t),” which rang out warmly and greeted us like old friends. It was during iconic songs like these that the venue really buzzed with excitement. Even though the night was just getting started, All Time Low were already giving us an all time high of a performance that was building to explode like a ticking time-bomb.

Though they played a good bit of songs off their recent release, Last Young Renegade, like “Dirty Laundry,” “Nice2knoU,” and “Life Of The Party,” their tracklist featured, much to old school All Time Low fans’ delight, a lot of songs off their earlier discography from Nothing Personal to Don’t Panic. With catchy anthems like “Weightless,” “Lost In Stereo,” and “Vegas,” we were taken on a journey through All Time Low’s successful career. All Time Low are one of those bands that just stick with you over the years, and that staying power is what’s made them one of the most beloved pop punk bands of our time.

All Time Low’s set unfortunately had to come to an end as “Good Times” rang out, capping off an exciting and festive night. But as their final track called out, it reminded us that though we may hate the goodbye, it’s okay, because we will never forget the good times we had at The Young Renegades Tour‘s stop in the Mile High City. Check out our photos of this eventful night of music and let us know if you were at the show!

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