Amon Amarth invaded the Boulder Theater Wednesday night along with Goatwhore, who both took over the stage with their intense energy and commanding presence. Fists were raised, lifted up to the glory of metal as each band thrashed and plummeted the night away. Experience their full throttle performances and check out our photos of the Jomsviking US Tour‘s sold out stop in Boulder, CO.


Goatwhore furiously hit the stage first, instantly amping up the crowd with their relentless presence. Ben Falgoust stormed across the stage like a madman, reaching out towards the excited faces in front of him to fist bump a few lucky fans. He roared out over the crowd as guitarist Sammy Duet, bassist Robert Coleman, and drummer Zack Simmons created a meteoric wall of sound that pierced right through your very soul. Though their unapologetic and wonderfully intense sound is a major part of their appeal, their mastery of their instruments is just as catching. Sammy, in particular, soloed on many occasions, creating a round of applause and thunder of appreciation from the crowd. Vengeful and spirited, Goatwhore are a force to be reckoned with, but their appreciation for their fans and for the metal community as a whole really shone through the most Wednesday night in their set. They are the embodiment of utter-yet-glorious chaos, and they give an immersive live performance you don’t want to miss.

Amon Amarth

The mighty Amon Amarth stormed the stage next amongst a cataclysm of blue and yellow light, surrounded by an army of shields. Earlier, the hull of a vast viking ship docked in the center of the stage, seemingly complacent, but its eyes told another story as they stared out over us both foreboding and menacing. Then, we saw the faces of Amon Amarth, who despite their powerful nature, proved to be gentle giants as they smiled out towards the crowd with their feet planted firmly amongst the Boulder Theater stage. Already off to an explosive start, Amon Amarth proceeded to give a thunderous performance that created an intense bloodlust within the crowd and raised horns from all corners of the venue.

“The Pursuit Of Vikings” off their 2004 release, Fate of the Norns, crashed out into the atmosphere first, shaking the floor and walls around us with its ravaging power. From the balcony to the front barrier, the crowd was in a frenzy, calling out along with lead Johan Hegg, who would take moments in between his ferocious growls to feverishly head bang along with his brothers in Amon Amarth, who were all suspended amongst the stage shredding and riffing. The pursuit of the vikings were upon us as Amon Amarth’s music pummeled and battled its way throughout the Boulder Theater. Carrying on with the same momentum was “As Loke Falls”, which drove out rhythmically at first then broke down into a ravishing, vigorous melody along with Johan’s deep roars. All members, over the course of the first three songs, eventually made their way up to the top of the ship, eyeing the crowd from above and relishing the moment.

Songs off Jomsviking appeared consecutively after with “First Kill”, “The Way of Vikings”, and “At Dawn’s First Light” all showcasing the full force of Amon Amarth. Though Jomsviking had its time in the spotlight, they also played, much to everyone’s delight, a large amount of songs off their previous releases, such as “Cry Of The Black Birds”, “Deceiver of the Gods”, “Destroyer of the Universe”, and “Death In Fire”. All displaying the lengthy and successful career of Amon Amarth, who have proven to be unstoppable in the realms of metal over the past 20 years or so. Their appreciation of their entire discography is only paralleled by their appreciation for their fans. At one point, Johan loomed out over the top of the ship, devil horns raised, and a giant smile on his face. You could tell that, just like we were in awe of this moment, he, along with every member, were too. In turn, you can’t help but uncontrollably beam back at them as you witness something so unbelievably epic unfold in front of you.

Amon Amarth put on a show that will raid your memory for quite some time. Not only do they set the stage flawlessly for their performance, but they also display an overwhelming passion that you can’t help but be infected by. “War of the Gods” aggressively drove out, closing the night off gloriously and giving us all one last time to revel in the metalwrath of Amon Amarth. They left the stage in a victorious march after giving a yet another performance for the history books.

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