On Saturday night, the All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us tour blazed into a very green and drunk Denver. Much of the city was already busy celebrating St. Patty’s Day early, but the well-known and widely celebrated holiday had some competition this year: Architects first ever headline stop in the Mile High City–apart from their co-headline with letlive. back in 2014–with Stray From The Path and Make Them Suffer, and the 3rd birthday celebration of their highly acclaimed album, Lost Forever // Lost Together. We’d be drunk and green with envy too if we missed out on the show of the year. Check out their absolutely mental and monumental performances below.

Stray From The Path

Before their banger, “The House Always Wins”, punched its way into the atmosphere, lead Andrew Dijorio hollered out to the crowd, “I want 15 crowd surfers”, while gesturing his hands as if to say, “Bring it.” And they brought it. Every one heeded his call and crashed the stage. While he bounced around calling out all the subliminal criminals in the world and fighting injustice with his words, the crowd rose up in a frenzy with him. Over the course of the night, the crowd would rise together as one for songs like, “D.I.E.P.I.G”, where they allowed one very lucky fan on stage to sing along with them, and “Outbreak”, which wailed out and caused a riot to build within all of us. They ended their set with the indomitable, “First World Problem Child”. Everyone was awaiting the moment they could scream out, “Shut the fuck up”. Then Sam bolted out onto the stage with a vengeance, and the room went absolutely crazy. Even Andrew, who leaped off stage and soared into the crowd as soon as that earthy and funky breakdown reverberated throughout the Summit Music Hall. It was absolutely mental to watch these guys perform with their seemingly infinite energy and immense passion. Check out their eye-opening and revolutionary performance below.


Cries of “Architects!” began to rise as bright lights burst out, illuminating the All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us cover lifted high in the background. Moments of darkness consumed us shortly after but was soon taken back over by a flash of soft white light, revealing Architects suspended amongst the stage. It didn’t take long for the madness to ensue as Sam roared out, “We are beggars, We are so fucking weak”. The monstrous “Nihilist” ripped through the Summit Music Hall without warning, jolting us all with its spine-chilling intensity. Behind me, the faces in the crowd were either left expressionless or uncontrollably animated. This would be a night that would be seized to the fullest, a moment that everyone from best friends to strangers would turn to each other with jaws dropped and eyes wide open, singing along with one another and marveling at the insanity in front of them. It was too good to be true…But we were here, and this was actually happening.

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us and Lost Forever // Lost Together made up most of the set, which may turn some elitist heads. But these albums are historic moments in their career. Every thing Architects touch may be gold, but something changed with LF // LT.  It just so happened to be its third birthday, which made it that much more special to sing along to songs like “Dead Man Talking”, “C.A.N.C.E.R”, “The Devil Is Near”, “Broken Cross”, “Gravedigger”, “Naysayer,” and “Colony Collapse”. Songs that all clearly mean so much to Architects as they poured their heart out on stage, allowing emotion to take full control over their instruments. These songs are handled with care, and performed with love. All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us provided the core of the set, and rightfully so being that it’s not only Architects most recent release, but also their most profound. They played songs like “Deathwish”, “Phantom Fear”, “Downfall”, and “Gravity” that hit you in your core. “These Colours Don’t Run” was the only song played off their records previous to LF // LT. It was clear that these songs were chosen for a reason. This tour was not just arranged to raise awareness for their latest release, it was meant to tell a story; That story being the life and work of Tom.

“We’ve been to the US before, but not quite like this,” Sam called out to a roaring, raging crowd. Finally, Architects were headlining their own show in the States; Something that has long been deserved for quite some time. This would also be the first time that America would experience a show without Tom; A reality that many of us have not yet faced head on. But though he’s gone physically, it’s impossible not to feel him in every riff and word. And it’s then that chills start to form, and this eerie yet comforting calm washes over you. Amongst cries of “Tom! Tom! Tom!”, Sam cried out, “This one goes out to Tom wherever he is”, but Tom was everywhere in the Summit Music Hall that night; Both in our hearts and the very fabric of the music around us. Tonight we would call out in sorrow, but also in celebration of a life that gave all of us so much to hold on to.

As Architects came out for their second encore, “Gone With The Wind,” it was clear that no one wanted this night to end. But it left us all with something that we will always remember. Architects music is more than just music; It’s a motivator, a statement, a message that you can take to heart rather than just mindlessly take in and out of your ears. In turn, their shows are more than just shows; They are a celebration of life, and a reminder that love and hope still exist in the world.

Make sure you get out to one of the remaining dates of the All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us tour. While there, make sure you pick up some awesome band merch and either donate to or check out the awesome work of Sea Shepherd!