Tuesday night, Bayside arrived to a sold out show in Denver along with their friends in Say Anything and Reggie and the Full Effect; All of which came together to create the ultimate emo nite experience. Anticipation rose as masses of fans awaited for Bayside to come out on stage to tell their stories of love and life. Suddenly they emerged and we picked up right where we left off with a band we’ve listened to for years. It may have been a bit since some of us have seen them live, but Bayside made up for time lost with a performance that was sure to be felt long after its end.

Their set started off  with “They Looked Like Strong Hands”, which gently rang out, sending this eerie wave of comfort over the crowd. Anthony Raneri stood in the dark, leaning up against the barricade and singing out over the crowd. As he purely and emotionally called out, “And I look so strong, When the weight of all the world, Don’t take its toll, And I’d choose my sides, If I believed in what was right, But I’m all wrong”, the crowd rose together as one to sing along with him from all corners of the room. Even those in the balcony were adamantly calling out with him. Despite being in a larger venue, Bayside still managed to give their fans an intimate experience. A barrier may have existed between the crowd and Bayside that night, but it didn’t feel like it as their music brought us all together. Anthony moved back to the stage and a flood of light revealed the remaining members of Bayside, who were all exuding an energy that you couldn’t help but be taken back by. That energy could be felt over the course of their performance as they smiled out towards the crowd and played with immense passion.

Picking up the pace was “Already Gone”, which feverishly rolled out, driven by those wicked guitar riffs. It’s urgency caused a frenzy within the room as people danced and jumped the night away. Those in the front row, both friends and strangers, smiled at one another in response to the awesomeness that was occurring in front of them. It was a moment that didn’t feel real as we lived in the present celebrating the anthems from our youth. Following was “They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns”, which gave us all the feels with its addictively moody appeal. When the chorus kicked in, Anthony clutched his hand to his chest as he sang; His words drenched in desire and devotion. Nick Ghanbarian moved to the front of the stage fiercely singing the words along with Anthony. His infectious personality really shone through in his performance. On the other side, Jack O’Shea is taken over by the music, plucking not only the strings of his guitar, but also the strings of our hearts with his lively presence. Behind them all, Chris Guglielmo is sitting cool and collected behind the drums with the Bayside banner raised triumphantly behind him. Every beat of the drum further amplified the beat of our hearts, causing this intense adrenaline rush to flood the crowd and further increase the energy in the room. The environment was electric, particularly during songs like “They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns”, as the atmosphere buzzed with nothing but excitement and euphoria.

“Devotion and Desire” punched out later on, allowing Bayside to set the stage on fire one last time. After seeing them live, you won’t be able to get their show out of your head as you leave that night with the constant reminder of the time you not just killed, but celebrated gloriously with Bayside.

Were you at the show in Denver? Share your favorite moments with us in the comments!