Born of Osiris reigned supreme over Denver Sunday night along with Volumes, Oceans Ate Alaska, Within the Ruins, and Fire From The Gods. All in the crowd opened their arms to damnation and bowed down in praise as The New Reign tour began to consume the Summit Music Hall. This is a line-up that doesn’t hold anything back or leave any ounce of energy left unspent. Witness their unsurpassable takeover of the Mile High City.

Fire From The Gods, Within the Ruins, & Oceans Ate Alaska


When Myke walks out in a wig just after the venue stops playing “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, you suddenly are stuck in this world where you think you know what you are in for, but you later find out that you really didn’t have a clue. I know I talk a lot about energy, but there are different levels and different kinds. There is infectious energy, physical energy, and then there is Volumes. Volumes sets the bar for what it means to have an energetic stage presence. Myke and Gus, in particular, are unpredictable, like the path of a tornado, but that’s what makes them such entertaining performers. They jumped off stage on multiple occasions to sing along and share hugs with those in the crowd. It was awesome to be a part of something so inclusive, where the divide between band and fan ceases to exist. Check out their charismatic and fierce performance below.

Born of Osiris

A mighty welcome was in store for Born of Osiris, who erupted onto stage smiling, visibly full of adrenaline. The crowd responded the same as smiles began to widen and hollers began to raise. Its been ten years since it all started with the release of The New Reign, calling for a massive celebration. With its upcoming reboot, it’s clear that The New Reign still holds massive dominion, calling for a multitude of praise and commanding a major audience. Ronnie called out soon after they played the cataclysmic, “Open Arms To Damnation”, “Why does Denver always feel like a hometown show?” He was right. Only three songs in, and absolute and utter insanity was occurring everywhere you looked, even on the balcony. Everyone was off their feet or in the air crowdsurfing and crashing amongst the stage. They had a hold on every single soul within the venue that night as each and every person opened their arms up to damnation. In front, Ronnie raised his arms out wide, triumphantly lifting them towards the sky. At his side, Joe Buras was bouncing up and down and making some pretty goofy yet infectious faces. All the while, Lee McKinney is shredding on the guitar with hands moving at what appears to be lightning speed. David Darocha is feeling every second of the music, playing with his eyes closed, allowing emotion to take full control. In back, Cameron Losch, though slightly hidden, is making his presence felt and known as beat after beat comes crashing off his drums. You could feel the excitement from all corners of the stage as they brought new life to songs that many of us grew up with. More than anything, it’s amazing to see a band come full circle right before your eyes. As “The Takeover” punched its way out into the Summit Music Hall, an epic concert was coming to an end, but a new reign was just beginning. Witness the takeover below.

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