Sorcery was afoot Sunday night in Denver as Coheed and Cambria and The Dear Hunter commanded the Fillmore Auditorium stage. Their mastery bordering on wizardry as each and every member on the ticket displayed a deep-seeded appreciation and love for their respective crafts, creating an all-around magical and immersive experience. Marvel at the Neverender GAIBSIV tour’s stop in Denver, and witness their masterful performances.

The Dear Hunter

As The Dear Hunter took the Fillmore Auditorium stage, the Neverender GAIBSIV tour transformed into the Hymns with The Dear Hunter in Denver during the glorious duration of their set. Like a whisper in the night, “Regress” called out softly and swiftly only to cascade into the trickling-yet-raging waterfall of sound that is “The Moon / Awake”. For act III, The Dear Hunter performed “Mustard Gas” amongst a combustion of bold hues and moody tones. Casey Crescenzo wailed out powerfully but also delicately as he sang, delivering each lyric with conviction; Each note ringing off his vocal chords flawlessly. After, the entire color spectrum crashed amongst the stage as “Echo – Orange” rolled in paired by Gavin Castleton‘s soulful touch on the keys. Further causing the blood to rush were Casey’s potent battle cries, which really cut through as he bared his soul both through his vocals and guitar. Something also has to be said about the immaculate talent of each member, who brought their own eclectic flair to the performance. Many times appearing to have an out-of-body experience as they played. I also have to give props to the crowd, who’s applause grew the loudest when a guitar solo wailed out. Plenty of moments during The Dear Hunter’s set called for a thunderous praise as displays of musicianship came from all corners of the stage. All good things unfortunately have to come to an end. As their set waned like the moon, The Dear Hunter left the stage to an mind-boggled crowd after giving a performance that was sure to be remembered.

Coheed and Cambria

It has been quite some time since Coheed and Cambria released Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, but it is still burning bright, especially after last night’s show in Denver as Coheed and Cambria took the stage and transported us all into a universe of their own where colors and sound waves danced together in the night.

Much like the album, Coheed and Cambria’s set opened up with the intro track, “Keeping The Blade”, which instantly created an aura of excitement and buzzing commotion within the Fillmore Auditorium. As far as the eyes could see, waves of people stood in splendor as Claudio Sanchez majestically took the stage with only the company of his acoustic guitar. The first notes of “Always & Never” rang out softly and tenderly as he sang from a place of deep emotion. His delicate delivery lulling you into a deep trance as he effortlessly sang, “So here…I’m…I’m still waiting here, my dear to kill all of you”. After, you are jolted back into existence by “Welcome Home”, which rolled in victoriously. This time Claudio was accompanied by his band of musical comrades, who were already performing jubilantly, consumed by the music amongst a burst of vibrant lights and picturesque scenes. Like every good storyteller, Coheed and Cambria were entrancing you with every note and word as each chapter of the wildly constructed, Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, unfolded amongst the stage.

As you find yourself consumed both audibly and visually, you suddenly forget you are at a concert. In part, due to the production of the show that absolutely encapsulates your attention. But even more so because of the immaculate sound that is filling the air around you. Claudio, in particular, is just as flawless vocally in the live setting as he is on record. For “Welcome Home”, he traded in his acoustic for a two-neck guitar, which really showed off his guitar playing abilities. At one point, he was playing behind his back. The next, he was slaying that insane guitar solo. At both his sides, Travis Stever and Zach Cooper are showing off their own technical prowess all the while smiling and reveling in the moment. Behind them all, Josh Eppard is drumming like a methodical madman, making some pretty intense-yet-infectious faces. There’s something so epic about their presence on stage as they stand in front of you seemingly larger than life.

Over the course of the night, technicality and emotionality would continue to come together to form a beautiful harmony as fans and Coheed came together to celebrate Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness. It’s no secret that they are amazing, especially with ten speed performances like this. If anything, it just goes to show the never-ending power of Coheed and Cambria, who will forever hold a special place in our hearts as one of those bands you’ll always love, and never forget.

Were you at the Neverender GAIBSIV tour’s stop in Denver? Let us know some of your favorite moments from the show!