When bands like The Used hit the stage, emotions flood you. Some part of you is reminiscing on growing up with them. Another part of you is living in the moment, realizing that you’ve come full circle. You were a Used fan then and you are still a Used fan now. There are few bands that have to ability to surpass what I call the nostalgic-factor, but The Used are one of those special cases that will live on forever. It’s hard to believe that it has been fifteen years… But I found myself celebrating 15 years of The Used in the best way possible at their tour stop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The whole venue went dark but still beamed with light as The Used walked out on stage. A combustion of screams and roars filled the room as a spotlight fell upon the one and only Bert McCracken. They began to play “Maybe Memories” and the individuals in the crowd became one, singing at the top of their lungs and lifting their hands towards the stage and sky. At one point, the aura around Bert was so bright that all you could see was a gloved hand throwing a middle finger up. It was a moment I captured in photo, but one that was burned even more so into my memory.

Directly after, they played “The Taste Of Ink,” and the sea of people behind me went wild along with me (inside my mind) as I was standing in the photo pit. As Bert sang the words, “Is it worth it can you even hear me, Standing with your spotlight on me” a halo of light illuminated him. Maybe that was planned because it was the perfect visual for that lyric. If so, props to the lighting guy. If not, it was just a beautiful coincidence that I’m forever grateful happened. Small things like that matter to The Used; Whether it be the time they spend with their fans, the energy they give on stage, or the emotion they pour into their music. The fact that they give everything they have until nothing is left; That’s what makes them special as a band and as live performers.

The rest of the night was a happy blur. I spent the remainder of the concert with The Used family in the crowd. Bert called for people to put their phones up and live in the moment and that’s what almost everyone did. Again, coming full circle of a night that started with “Maybe Memories” and ended with definite memories that everyone will cherish forever. Check out the photo gallery below and share your 15th Anniversary concert experiences with us in the comments.

The Used 15th Anniversary Tour Gallery