Day two of Louder Than Life carried on perhaps with even more energy and enthusiasm as day one. The celebration of rock continued as bands like Crobot, Ghost, Parkway Drive, Korn, and Slipknot took the main stages, while others like Zakk Sabbath, Them Evils, and Kyng rocked the Zorn stage. From all ends of the park, rock music blasted loud and proud for all in the surrounding areas to hear. Check out the days killer and unforgettable performances.

Them Evils

Them Evils opened up the Zorn stage, but they were by no means a warm up. Instead, their true grit performance, funky guitar riffs, and guttural power set them apart in sea of rock bands, making them one of my personal favorites of the day. Them Evils have a sound that’s almost forbidden to the ear with its extremely sinful tone that goes hand and hand with their name. They are the epitome of rock and roll as they embody everything from its sound to its attitude. Witness their unapologetic and wicked performance below.

Smashing Satellites

Smashing Satellites electrified the Zorn stage with their quirky and dramatic stage presence. Every member poured their heart into the performance, making the most of every moment they had with their fans. Smashing Satellites are intent on standing out with their out-of-the-box mentality, and they did just that during their set at Louder Than Life. Check out their zestful and expressive performance below.


Kyng’s music forcefully pushes through you with its intense power and heaviness. So much so that you can feel it reverberating throughout your body. Their sound was very comparable to that of 7o’s heavy metal, which served as a flashback, but there was also a modern component to their music with the addition of pop rock elements, creating a sound that punches just as much as it grooves. Experience their cataclysmic performance below.

Zakk Sabbath

Zakk Sabbath exude experience and confidence when they perform, which comes as no surprise. But, after all of these years of playing as seasoned musicians and perfecting song after song, they continue to have an monstrous passion for what they do. With Zakk Wylde who was whipping his hair like a mad man and slaying the guitar to Rob “Blasko” Nicholson who was bending back and feeling every note and Joey Castillo who was playing the drums with a bloodthirsty drive, the stage found itself being set ablaze by Zakk Sabbath. What you end up experiencing is relentless battle between axe, bass, and drum, creating this quarrelsome yet harmonious experience. The combination of all of these things allows Zakk Sabbath to do any Black Sabbath song justice. Marvel at their electrifying and masterful performance below.

Louder Than Life unfortunately had to come to an end as Slipknot took the stage, giving the best send off to the festival. Everyone from punk rockers to metal heads came together, proving that there is no such as a genre in rock music. The only thing that exists is a community; A community that is brought together every year for one very important reason: To celebrate rock, not just of one form, but all.