Last night, the Polar Similar tour laid waste to Denver as Comrades, Capsize, He Is Legend, and Norma Jean took the Marquis Theater stage. Check out their powerful performances.


Comrades came out infecting the Marquis Theater with their infectious energy and mesmerizing stage presence. Check out their passionate and wholehearted performance below.


Once Capsize hit the stage, everyone in the Marquis that night were instantly taken back by and in shock of their unyielding presence. Witness their commanding performance.

He Is Legend

When “The Widow of Magnolia” trembled throughout the Marquis Theater last night, something witchy took over. Suddenly, you are left stupefied as He Is Legend cast their spell on you with their magnetic performance. There is something so sinful yet so indulgent when it comes to not only their music, but also their live show as you witness something that’s completely unrestrained. Schuylar Croom is possessed by the music, twirling his arms around and dancing across the stage like a mad man, driven only by the emotion of the words he’s singing and the music that’s gloriously blasting around him. His clean vocals smoky and smooth, his screams visceral and gut-punching. At his side, Adam Tanbouz is riffing with his eyes closed but heart wide open, pouring feeling into every riff. The crowd, in turn, let go of all thought and hindrance. Enchanted and crazed, they seized every moment, singing along with fervor in the presence of a band they’ve adored since 2004 if not sooner. Over the course of the night, we would listen to the wildly constructed tales of He Is Legend and lift our hands up and shake our hips all the while basking in the bright glow of this illustrious moment.

It Hates You had a strong rep in the set, which made me–and many others–extremely happy. “Everyone I Know Has Fangs” followed their triumphant open, grabbing all of our attention with its wickedly sweet and funky-yet-heavy groove. There’s few shows out there where you can see people moshing and dancing at the same time, but this was one of them. They also performed “Stranger Danger”, which awed with its gentle-yet-turbulent sway. But though this was a celebration of where He Is Legend have come from, it was also a celebration of where they are going. With their highly anticipated release few releasing on April 28th, new tunes were bound to be played. “Sand” jived and punched into our ears, providing a new moment for fans to experience a song that they have yet–I’m assuming–to see live. It was a set that showed off the best of He Is Legend, giving us all a back to the future moment as well as a look into the crystal ball to see the future of what’s to come.

I may have a bone to pick with the world for letting He Is Legend slip under the radar, but I forgot all about that the minute they started playing. In that room, amongst the stage, reigned a band that has changed my life–along with many others. They may be highly underrated still to this day, but they are loved and cherished by those who admire them, and that was something unbelievably rare to not only witness but also be a part of. As “I Am Hollywood” rang out, we were coming to the end of a set, but celebrating the beginning of a band that has given us so much over the years. They wailed, riffed, and played their hearts out until the very last note, and walked off the stage deservedly to a thunderous applause. Their show was over, but we left that night seduced by their charm; One chapter of HIL closing with another soon to be written. Check out their compelling show below.

Norma Jean

First He Is Legend, and now Norma Jean; Two bands that have been changing the fabric of music since the early 2000’s. From side stage they arrived amongst a slightly blue-tinted and eerily lit stage. Kind of like, as Cory Brandan, pointed out one of those Halloween haunted houses that pop up everywhere in October. “I. The Planet”, the opener to their revolutionary return of an album, Polar Similar, trembled the ground beneath you and opened the night with an absolute bang. It’s one of those tracks that just rips through you with its intensity live. Cory’s vocals were both guttural and piercing as he roared out, “I hope you burn!”. Right from the get go, you were drenched in the encapsulating mood that is Norma Jean, perfectly setting the tone for the remainder of their set. Also played off their highly acclaimed release Polar Similar was “1,000,000 Watts,” which hit you like brute force of a nature, and the full throttle, “Synthetic Sun”, amongst others.

Those who’ve been with Norma Jean since the beginning of time will be happy to know that their earlier works didn’t go unnoticed with songs like “Funeral Singer”, “Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste”, and “I Used to Hate Cell Phones But Now I Hate Car Accidents” making the setlist. All around, there was something that both new and old Norma Jean fans could rejoice to, while also providing a look into the evolution of a band that has influenced so many. Their energy remained on eleven with every song they performed, whether it be from their first album or their most recent. This showed everyone in the room just how important each and every record is to them as they paid tribute to not only the past but also the present.

By the end of it all, the Marquis Theater was laid to waste, but we all left just a little more complete than before, and with the lasting impression of Norma Jean’s implacable stop in the Mile High City. Check out the insanity that ensued during their set below.

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