The Bound by the Road blazed through Denver along with powerhouses DevilDriver, Death Angel, Winds of Plague, The Agonist, and Azreal. Calls of “Circle Pit!” echoed throughout the room as person after person fearlessly jumped in to the whirlwind spinning out of control in the center of the Summit Music Hall. On its outskirts, each and every band took the stage with the intention to inspire and energize the fans around them. Vitality and vigor could be felt from all ends of the room. While other people were cozied up at home watching the Grammy’s, we were rocking and thrashing to our favorite bands. It was a night that was purely about the music; Everything else was just noise. Witness the ultimate celebration of metal.


Azreal stormed out onto the stage and shook us to our very core with their intense performance. Between the guttural growls and deafening riffs, Azreal perforated every inch of the Summit Music Hall. Songs like “The Wait” absolutely roared live. Once Azreal get going, they are an unstoppable and unforgiving force. They may have kicked the night off, but they made a lasting impact on every single soul in the crowd. Witness their brutal performance below.

The Agonist

The Agonist came out like a comet spiraling out of control.  Vicky Psarakis sang up towards the sky with her hands dancing in the air as she hit those celestial notes, only to drop down and break into a vicious growl. Around her, notes vigorously danced off the hands of Danny Marino, Chris Kells, and Pascal Jobin. Behind them, Simon McKay drove a beat that amplified like a thunderous praise. There was something so unusually enchanting about their live show as it drew you in to this marvelously heavy yet magically wondrous place.

Winds of Plague

Winds of Plague brought the pain with their pitiless and ravening set, which was further amplified by Adrienne Cowan’s haunting presence on the keys and Johnny Plague’s fervent energy on stage. Johnny, in particular, jetted around, pointing out to the crowd, all the while passionately performing and bellowing every word. There is an intensity to what Winds of Plague bring in their live show. That keenness in itself makes what they do extremely contagious. They bring the chills and thrills, making their performance one that is impossible to forget.

Death Angel

You can’t help but marvel at Death Angel when they take the stage due to their infectious personalities and compelling stage presence. Many bands play with muscle memory, but Death Angel play with something else instead: Passion. Not just any passion, but an intense and feverish passion that can’t be contained once they hit the stage. That overwhelming enthusiasm spreads to the crowd, who are are already lost in the music completely and enjoying every single moment of their set. Devil horns were raised, the pit was spiraling out of control, and fans, from all corners of the room, were lifting their voices and hands in praise. When Death Angel gave more, the fans gave more, creating a positive and remarkable atmosphere. Tonight’s celebration of metal was starting to come to a triumphant close as Death Angel marched off stage with beaming smiles on their faces along to a thunderous applause. Though it wasn’t over just yet, Death Angel gave us all something to remember.


DevilDriver brought the Summit Music Hall to life as crowd surfer after crowd surfer flooded the stage. But Dez Fafara wanted more, calling for the crowd to rise up during “Clouds Over California” and ride that turbulent wave towards him. Soon after, I looked behind me to see five people surfing towards me with their arms gloriously lifted into the air and giant smiles on their faces. DevilDriver’s live show is proof to the fact that though metal is heavy, it is also uplifting. There’s something so freeing about being at a DevilDriver concert. Though they are clearly masters at what they do, playing and performing effortlessly, they still have the attitude and drive of a band who is just getting started. If there is one recurring theme of the Bound by the Road tour, it’s the fact that all the bands are extremely passionate and dedicated to what they do, creating one of the most inclusive and important tours to be a part of in 2017. Check out their awe-inspiring and mighty performance below.

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