Last night in Denver, the Summit Music Hall took to the skies with electric performances from Enter Shikari, Being As An Ocean, and Anterrior. What was experienced over the course of the show was both cosmic and unbelievable. Read why this is a day that will go down in history, and celebrate 10 years of Enter Shikari’s influential and boundless record, Take to the Skies.

Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean may have stood amongst a dark stage last night, but they emitted a bright light that could be felt by all. Joel, as always, sang from the depths of his heart. His words less like a lyric, and more a deep and sincere conversation. Amongst hues of red, white, and pink, Being As An Ocean conveyed a message of hope and love though every note, word, and movement. Michael McGough’s vocals rang out throughout the room tenderly and smoothly, each note of his voice dripping in emotion as he sang, “And I wear my heart on my sleeve, So you can watch it bleed.” His voice is just as catching live as it is on record, making him one of the best clean vocalists of our generation. Pair that with the emotive feel of Being As An Ocean’s music, and you have something that is all-inclusive, ever-inviting, and insanely comforting. Their latest single release, “OK”, made their set that much more alluring with its haunting melody and beautiful composition. You can’t help but feel something when you see these guys perform, and that always leaves a lasting impression. Check out there impassioned performance below.

Enter Shikari

When you see Enter Shikari live, it feels like you have flown to the moon and back, witnessing something that’s too magical for words and much too otherworldly to explain. Those who were there in Denver last night, or those who have seen Enter Shikari live for that matter, understand that they are one of a kind performers that will take you somewhere ultimately and unimaginably enchanting. Last night, they exuded such a passion and energy as they celebrated 10 years of Take to the Skies; The place where the Big Bang of Enter Shikari erupted, and created the very life of their career and work as we know it. After a long day of work and everyday life, Enter Shikari, in the short time of half an hour or so, made us feel like anything was possible.

To say that they are unpredictable is an understatement, especially Rou Reynolds, who bolts across stage with not conscious thought, but emotion directing him where to go. Sometimes it seemed his body was ahead of his mind, making everything he does appear to be so effortless. Appreciation could be felt from all ends of the stage. On stage right, Chris Batten beamed charismatically strumming the bass in his hands as fans enthusiastically sang along to songs, like “Sorry, you’re not a winner”, that have been a staple in their life since they were sixteen–if they are like me–or even younger. The crowd only enhanced the experience with their deep love for Enter Shikari. Every fan raged the entire night until every ounce of energy was spent. Shikari fans are one of the most devoted crowds out there. They take that title hands down. No swweat.

Another part of Enter Shikari’s show that needs to be praised is the production. Their light guy deserves a huge pat on the back for the work he does. Not only does it create this etherial atmosphere, but it also transforms Enter Shikari’s stage into a mothership; An aspect that makes their shows that much more unearthly to be a part of. At one point, Rou bent down on the edge of the stage with his hands out towards the crowd, belting amongst a blue and white backdrop; It’s an image that will be stuck in my mind for quite some time. There were so many moments that appeared too perfect to be true. It’s that attention to detail that sets them apart from the rest. They construct their set into something that is all-encompassing; Everything on the stage and every part of the show is a representation of who they are as a band, and that makes it something that is truly special to experience.

Setlist-wise I don’t really have to go into great detail, because we all know that they are playing Take to the Skies in its entirety on this tour. Each and every song provided a special moment, but the atmosphere was particular buzzing with excitement during tracks like,  “Stand Your Ground”, which they opened up to. A flood of pink and blue light cascaded amongst the stage, bursting out towards the crowd. It was then that we all knew this show was not going to be your ordinary show. Though it’s the Take to the Skies tour, they still played songs off their other records, like “Destabilise to name one. But there were many others! Those provided some nice little surprises during the set all the while allowing fans to celebrate not only the beginning of Enter Shikari, but also their evolution across time.

Enter Shikari are the pinnacle of live show performances; Something that has been clear for quite some time. Last night’s performance only further solidified their stake to that claim. During the show, we took the skies. When it was all said and done, we sadly all had to come back down to Earth again. But we wouldn’t soon forget what we were a part of. Everyone in the venue that night left with a little stardust in their veins and that will remain a part of them forever. Check out their stellar and energized performance below.

If you were at the Denver date, let us know what you thought of the show in the comments!