Even though it was chilly outside of the Boulder Theater last night, it was nice and cozy inside. Not just because it was sold out show and a packed house, but because an extremely warm welcome was in store for Chevelle, Dinosaur Pile-Up, and Black Map. Over the course of the night, each and every band sent the day’s pain below, leaving nothing but euphoria to rise above the surface. Check out our photos and review of Chevelle’s sold out stop in Boulder, Colorado.

Dinosaur Pile-Up

Dinosaur Pile-Up are masters at creating mood and portraying emotion on stage. What you experience is something reminiscent of 90’s grunge rock with three guys suspended amongst the stage doing nothing but rocking out. Their minimalistic yet implacable presence compliments their music and allows it to shine, while at the same time letting them really dig into the feeling of their= songs. With a stage set for ambiance and raw emotion ringing off every note, Dinosaur Pile-Up offers something that is both intrinsic and fulfilling. They closed the set with their celebrated track, “11:11”, which grooves in a way that elicits the entire crowd to subconsciously bang their heads. Overall, there’s something so fresh yet familiar to what they do. One minute you are in the Boulder Theater watching a show, the next you are in the 90’s at a killer and out of control garage party.


Chevelle’s sold out show in Boulder, Colorado is something you can’t prepare for. Sure, you get that giddy feeling right before your idols are about to take the stage. But you didn’t really know what it was going to feel like. Until that final moment when they burst out from side-stage and crash amongst you backdropped by a flood of rouge lights. At that moment, your sight literally goes red as something unearthly suddenly impends upon you. Pete Loeffler entices you with his voice that reverberates into your existence. The heavy notes that ring off of Dean Bernardini’s bass tremble through you. Behind them, Sam Loeffler is cutting through you with his drum and cymbal beats. The members of Chevelle all came together like one thunderous applause shaking the ground below you and the walls around you. Suddenly you also find yourself completely immersed in the spectacle in front of you. There is something so profound and so magnetic about their stage presence, which elicits your undivided attention. Hypnotized, you find yourself moving along to the rhythmic hum of the guitar. In some cases, the room went into hypnosis, but others made it feel like the venue was full door to door with cannibals. The night started off with a warm welcome, and ended with a warm send off as Chevelle said goodbye that night with two encores, “The Red” and “Send The Pain Below”. When the last note rang, no one was seeing red. They left with a smile on their face, and an awesome memory of the sold out Chevelle show that absolutely rocked their face off.

Did you make it out to Chevelle’s tour this year? Comment and let us know what it was like.